Twitter Is Seriously Hyped For Wendy's French Toast Sticks

Though the addition of French toast sticks is new to Wendy's — who just announced that major changes are coming — the delectable item has long been integrated into fast food chain breakfast menus. According to Restaurant Business, the first French toast sticks were added to Burger King's menu more than 30 years ago in 1986. Additional chains that offer similar products include Sonic, Jack in the Box, and McDonald's, among several others. 

Wendy's announced last week in a press release that it would begin serving French toast sticks on August 15. The treat will be offered as a meal with potatoes and a drink, or à la carte in four and six piece quantities. "Our Homestyle French Toast Sticks strike a perfect note of nostalgia and bring even more morning flavor to our menu — this time with something sweet," Wendy's chief marketing officer Carl Loredo said. To continue the promo of the new item on Thursday, the company posted a hilarious meme on Twitter and hyped up fans in the comment section.

The brand used anime to promote the product

The hilarious PR team at Wendy's didn't hesitate to brag about its new French toast sticks. The company took to Twitter on Thursday, August 18 to post a photo of an anime character "eating" a Wendy's French toast stick. The caption read, "Me tomorrow morning." One commenter jumped right in, tweeting, "Is that a French toast stick? Come to momma? Better yet, I'll come to you. Don't toy with me. Can I actually get it?" The company confirmed: Yes, the French toast stick is, in fact, on the menu for everyone to enjoy.

Another excited commenter claimed they "can't wait to stuff [their] face with Wendy's French toast." Although the product itself caught attention, many Twitter users were more impressed by the company's use of anime. "Wendy's likes anime?" one asked. "So Wendy's is a 'Demon Slayer' fan." W[in]," another Tweeted. Served alongside syrup, Wendy's French toast stick slogan is, appropriately, "Dip, Dunk or Drizzle," according to a press release.