Trader Joe's Is Discontinuing Its Version Of Takis And Reddit Is In Shambles

Trader Joe's is known for creating a lot of its own products instead of selling name-brand items like other grocery stores. These items are sometimes original ideas and other times based off of products sold elsewhere. However, the store always does a good job of putting its own Trader Joe's twist on the items and fans end up loving them — and sometime even forming a cult following around a particular product.

Unfortunately, for a product that only Trader Joe's makes, there comes an inconvenience when that item is discontinued. We have all experienced the deflating event of a favorite product vanishing from shelves for unknown reasons. While sometimes those products make a return to Trader Joe's aisles, shoppers are left to find an alternative when they don't. We are sorry to say those feelings are about to return, as Reddit has discovered some unfortunate news about a fan-favorite Trader Joe's snack that is being discontinued.

Farewell to the Trader Joe's version of Takis

Reddit has been a wreck since someone posted a picture of a "soon to be discontinued" sign under the Chili and Lime Flavored Trader Joe's Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips, otherwise known as "Trader Joe's Takis." After many months of these chips being "temporarily out of stock" and sparse on shelves across the U.S., people aren't surprised that the product is finally being discontinued. One commenter wrote, "I haven't seen them on shelves in forever." Another person wrote, "I asked a store associate and they said that they had them earlier that day but every store I go to it's not there I even checked today."

One commenter pointed out that discontinued dates vary by location and store, so some locations may have a chance of restocking the item. Crew members joined the thread to try and assure people there was a chance the product wasn't completely gone. However, other Trader Joe's shoppers took the news harshly and even got a little sentimental. While it won't be the same as "Trader Joe's Takis," if you're in search of another chip to snack on, you may want to try this recipe for homemade tortilla chips.