Why Chef Dave White Loves Fast Food Burgers — Exclusive

Many people would assume that working as a top-tier chef would mean having a taste for only the finer foods in life. Not so for "Below Deck Mediterranean" chef Dave White. White serves as the chef for the 7th season of the show, showcasing his unbelievable cooking skills and ability to handle whatever challenges life on the motor yacht Home has to throw at him. Even with so many trials, working on a yacht does come with some advantages, such as an unlimited budget and "some of the best produce in the world." 

All this would seem to indicate that Chef Dave would have grown accustomed to high-quality food and would renounce the lowly flash-frozen meats and less-than-fresh produce used when making a fast food burger. But that's not so. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Chef Dave White revealed his love for fast food burgers and why they have such an important place in his heart and stomach. 

Why fast food burgers

When asked during our exclusive interview about what he likes to eat, Chef Dave White responded candidly, "I love burgers. This is so bad — I do like McDonald's and Burger King." While the admission may shock some since Chef Dave is a chef on a yacht that costs over $100,000 per week to rent, he defended his choice with a simple explanation. "It's consistent. There's no expectation. It is cheap, it is bad for you, you shouldn't eat it, but it's consistent." Chef Dave does make a compelling point. No matter the burger quality, it is at least consistent. No one is digging in to a McDonald's or Burger King burger with the expectation that it will be good for them. As long as they set reasonable expectations relative to the price, they will not be disappointed. And there is something to say for that consistency. 

As Chef Dave notes, "There's nothing worse than going to a good restaurant and being let down about it." That is so true. A good restaurant has more room for disappointment. A person may have more invested in that meal, but by going to the standby fast food restaurants, they can almost always guarantee they know what they're getting.

New episodes of "Below Deck Mediterranean" premiere on Bravo on Mondays and are streaming on Peacock.