Why Alison Brie Never Wants To Own A Restaurant

Celebrity restaurants really run the gamut when it comes to quality and reputation. In fact, there are a lot of celebrity restaurants that totally flopped, from Steven Spielberg's submarine-shaped eatery Dive! to Jessica Biel's Au Fudge. Food Network stars with restaurants tend to fare a bit better, but your average television or movie star might be hard-pressed to succeed in the cutthroat world of the restaurant industry.

However, it's that very cutthroat nature that itself has become the subject of so many Hollywood projects of late. The television show "The Bear," which gives viewers a stark look into the stressful work environment of the restaurant industry, isn't just entertaining — it has also influenced a Chicago beef boom, after viewers found themselves craving the main characters' signature dish.

Of course, given this information, it should be noted that the restaurant industry isn't for every actor who appears in a culinary-focused film. Recently, former "Glow" actress Alison Brie starred in a dark romantic comedy called "Spin Me Round," in which she portrayed an employee of an Italian restaurant chain. But would Brie ever be interested in working in the industry in real life?

Alison Brie thinks 'the restaurant industry is too crazy'

It would appear that Alison Brie knows that just because it looks easy on television, it doesn't mean fictional experiences will translate to the cold, hard facts of the real world. If you thought Brie's recent turn as an employee at an Italian restaurant in the 2022 film "Spin Me Round" might inspire her to open up a real-life restaurant of her own, you might want to think again. 

Just as "The Bear" star Jeremy Allen recently told The Takeout that he was "taken aback" by "the commitment and sacrifice of personal time and life" expected of restaurant workers, it seems that Brie, too, has a too-realistic understanding of the biz to want to open up an eatery of her own. When asked if she would ever want to open a restaurant, Brie told Eater, "I think the restaurant industry is too crazy." 

And though she spoke with reverence of some of her favorite Italian restaurants, Brie also said, "I just think that I derive so much joy from food and from being at restaurants, that I'd hate to make it my job." For now, it sounds like fans with a craving for Brie (see what we did there?) will simply have to content themselves with ordering take-out to eat while watching one of her movies or shows.