Twitter Is Torn Over Bernie Sanders' Dunkin' Parody

For a long time, Dunkin' was known as a convenient haven for donut fans. But it would renew its image with a focus on coffee as well. The company slogan "America runs on Dunkin" was introduced in 2006, according to Dunkin's website. It has become a recognizable representation of the brand since then, symbolizing Dunkin's apparent goals to be seen as a trusted food and beverage source for all Americans and to appeal to the many workers that make the country run. Part of holding true to that slogan would mean offering affordable breakfast, snacking, and drink options for people of all classes.

One could argue that in the past year, for example, the company's focus on availability and affordability has been evident not only in its normal prices but also in the numerous deals it has offered. These deals include when Dunkin' offered free donuts with the purchase of a beverage on June 3, and the time the social media manager's birthday tweet led to free coffees for DD perks members.

While the company does not offer these special deals all the time, they are consistent with the message that food and drinks should be affordable for everyone. Whether or not America runs on Dunkin', Senator Bernie Sanders' prior campaigns for president have run on calls to help the working class overcome the financial strains caused by what he sees as corporate greed. So, what does one have to do with the other?

America runs on solidarity, apparently

Throughout his public life, Bernie Sanders has advocated for fixing the poverty crisis in the United States. As KDH News mentions, Sanders has called attention to the financial struggles of working-class families, and he has repeatedly pointed the finger at corporations as a primary source of the problem.

It, therefore, makes sense that a recent tweet of his highlighted an upcoming rally centered on this issue. The August 21 event in Cambridge, Massachusetts, saw the former presidential contender speak alongside two high-ranking members of labor unions, including International Brotherhood of Teamsters President Sean O'Brien and Association of Flight Attendants President Sara Nelson. Of course, everything there sounds pretty typical for the self-professed "democratic socialist" senator from Vermont.

What fans didn't expect, however, was the use of Dunkin'-style lettering in the promotion. They had mixed thoughts on the branding, as well as the use of a play on the company slogan: "America runs on Solidarity."

User @MariaLeaf, a journalist for the Washington Examiner, asked Dunkin' whether Sanders had received "permission to make this ad that looks like your brand" and noted that some people seemed confused about the matter. Another user, @lilmscreates, noted that they are not only a fan of Sanders but that they think his "graphic designer is great." And @RambisRambo called it "millionaires talking about how much they hate billionaires." Regardless of the reaction, it seems this grabbed quite a bit of attention.