What You Need To Know About 7-Eleven's New Breakfast Pizza

It's no secret that 7-Eleven has a lot going for it — especially given that it was crowned the largest convenience chain in the world (per CNBC). Of course, the retailer is definitely drawing crowds by being open 24/7 so that customers can satisfy their thirst with a Big Gulp day or night. And, promos like it's Bring Your Own Cup Day, where anyone can fill a container of their choice to the brim with a Slurpee for $1.99, are certainly helping the chain drum up business. And, it may be 7-Eleven's innovative line of signature products that has earned the store enough of a following to have Walmart sell hoodies with the convenience chain's logo on printed them (per Walmart).

Aside from seasonal favorites like its customizable pumpkin spice latte and its classic Thanksgiving turkey sub (via QSR Magazine), 7-Eleven has a more permanent food option that keeps loyal fans across the world coming back for more. However, this 7-Eleven favorite has consistently disappeared and reappeared on the store's menu over the years — and now, after a 2-year break (per CS News), according to QSR Magazine, 7-Eleven's Breakfast Pizza has officially made its way back to the convenience store chain. Indeed, this breakfast item is so adored that when 7-Eleven first started the initial testing, it ranked as the chain's second most-ordered pizza (as noted by The Shelby Report).

Get ready to fall in love with 7-Eleven's breakfast pizza (again)

7-Eleven's Breakfast Pizza first hit the scene as an unexpected, but highly loved, treat in 2017 (per Vice). Since its inception, the size and ingredients of the pizza have varied on each reappearance. Most recently, the breakfast was highlighted in 2020 as a personal-sized pizza made of "​​creamy white gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage crumbles, bacon, ham, and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese" (per CS News). But, as noted in QSR Magazine, 2022's 7-Eleven Breakfast Pizza is a full-sized delight and customers will be able to either order a full pizza or a slice of the breakfast favorite.

The newest version of the Breakfast Pizza, which can now be purchased at 7-Eleven and Speedway and Stripes locations across the nation, is also very similar to the 2021 take on the 7-Eleven staple. With the exception of eggs and ham, 2022's Breakfast Pizza is built from all of the same ingredients as its predecessor and features "7-Eleven's signature crust." And, it seems the latest addition to 7-Eleven's 2022 breakfast menu (earlier this year the store added taquitos to its breakfast lineup) is truly back bigger than ever — because for a limited time 7Rewards program members will be able to snag a $1 slice of Breakfast Pizza with the purchase of a beverage in honor of its return.