Here's What $400 Will Get You At The Hell's Kitchen Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay is known for many things. He is a Michelin-star chef, owns an impressive number of restaurants, is a published author, runs a charity foundation, and more (via Gordon Ramsay Restaurants). Perhaps he is best known for the show "Hell's Kitchen." Following the show's rise to popularity, he opened the first Hell's Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in early 2018 (per Caesars Entertainment). Ramsey has since expanded the chain with locations in Southern California and Lake Tahoe.

One TikTok user shared their experience at the original Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas. The video shows the inside of the restaurant with a red and blue theme heavily inspired by the show. While the user seemed happy with their experience, people in the comments had their own opinions — especially when it came to the $400 check. So what exactly does $400 get you at the Hell's Kitchen restaurant?

A three-course meal, two sodas, a side of mac and cheese, wagyu ribeye, and two beers

The TikTok includes clips of the food — scallops, "perfectly cooked" Beef Wellington, macaroni and cheese, wagyu ribeye, and sticky toffee pudding. At the end of the video, the user shared a glimpse at the receipt, offering a breakdown of the prices.

They ordered two three-course dinners at the prefixed price of $89.95. This option includes a scallop appetizer, Beef Wellington, and the sticky toffee pudding shown in the TikTok. The user also ordered a side of mac and cheese for $13.95, a wagyu ribeye for $78.95, two sodas for $5 each, and two beers for $13 each.

Of course, people sounded off in the comments. Some people were not fans of the price, writing, "Well that was not money well spent" and "Wow that's ridiculous to pay that much for food." However, many commenters were surprised with the portions the TikToker received for the price they paid. They wrote, "[F]inally, a fancy restaurant that actually serves a decent amount of food instead of like 4 bites in total" and "The price isn't that bad for the food wow." A couple of people were stuck on the price of a soda, with one user saying, "Good god... I understand the food price but $5 for Pepsi and $13 for Modelo?!"