The Surprising Food A Man Was Caught Using As A Straw At A Yankees Game

Regardless of what sport you watch — and even if you don't watch sports — you probably know that game day means food ... and lots of it. For instance, when it comes to Super Bowl food, Americans reach for chicken wings, pizza, and 7-layer dip. On the other hand, baseball fans gravitate more toward hot dogs, nachos, and peanuts (per Cut4).

However, baseball stadiums also give rise to some weird food combinations, whether they're created by vendors or by the fans themselves. According to Ranker, some of the oddest stadium foods have included Turner Field's Burgerizza, Chase Field's Churro Dog, and Globe Life Park's chicken fried corn on the cob. And yes, those are all official menu items.

As strange as some menu items might be, sometimes the fans are even stranger. For some unknown reason, one Yankee fan recently shook America with his use of a standard stadium food as a straw. We regret to inform you that this makeshift straw was not a Twizzler.

Why didn't he just use the straw to drink his beer?

A Yankees fan went viral online after another fan caught him on video making a strange decision. According to the New York Post, the man in question used — get this — an actual straw to punch a hole through a hot dog. He then set the straw aside and used the hot dog as a straw for his beer. Sorry, random Yankees fan, but that hot dog is definitely ruining your beer.

After New York Nico shared his video on Instagram, captioned "W.T.F. is going on at baseball games this year," many of his followers were less than thrilled. One even joked that the post made them unfollow. Another commented, "I wish there was a way to go back in time and not watch this."

Someone else wrote that the whole situation was gross, but for them, the worst part was the Yankees fan "sucking the meat out of the straw." Honestly, same. We'd have to agree with the person who commented, "Nah, that's illegal."