Half Of All People Consider This Their Favorite Super Bowl Food

Super Bowl watch parties have become an American tradition. Whether you're a true football fan who actually pays attention to the game and cheers on a real team, a social butterfly who laughs at and critiques the clever commercials, or someone who simply enjoys the company of others, the first Sunday of every February is a day worth celebrating. Even if your group was smaller than usual this year due to the pandemic, an abundant spread of comfort foods was likely still the MVP of the weekend.

Just before Super Bowl LV kicked off, Mashed conducted a survey to discover people's all-time favorite Super Bowl party munchies. And, as expected, the results were mighty appetizing.

Chicken wings came out on top, with 50 percent of respondents ranking them as their favorite game-time grub. The runner-up was pizza with 29 percent of the votes. Buffalo chicken dip and chips and salsa scored 9 percent and 8 percent of responses, respectively. Respondents also had the option to select "other" and write in their own favorite snack (3 percent). Several of these non-listed answers included nachos, hot dogs, chips and guacamole, chili, and spinach dip.

HuffPost also shared the most-searched football foods in every state, based on Google search data. Buffalo chicken dip and seven-layer dip topped the list. According to the search engine, queries such as "buffalo wing," "7 layer dip," and "potato skins" see a massive increase annually — unsurprisingly right around the Big Game.

What makes chicken wings such an incredible snack?

Chicken wings are a mega-popular appetizer and snack because they are simple to prepare, fun to eat, and extremely versatile. They can be cooked in the oven, in an air fryer, on the stovetop, or on the grill. And the flavor options are endless: Wings can be dipped, dunked, or doused in tons of different delicious sauces — from spicy Buffalo to sticky-sweet barbecue to umami teriyaki to zesty honey garlic.

Several chains offered some tasty deals for Super Bowl Sunday. For example, Buffalo Wild Wings had a special package deal that included 15 wings, 15 boneless wings, fries, and sauce for just $30. Applebee's also served customers 40 free boneless wings with every order of $40 or more.

Contrary to popular belief, there's actually a right way to eat chicken wings. Whether you're a drumstick devotee or wing enthusiast, the best way to enjoy more succulent meat and crispy skin is to remove the bone. This will prevent uneaten remnants so you can eat every finger-licking-good morsel. It also helps that chicken wings are a healthier indulgence than you may have thought. Mmm, protein.

Whether you're Team Bone-In or Team Boneless, chicken wings are definitely a winner on game day — or any day!