Why TikTok Is Disgusted By A Florida Wendy's

If you're a Wendy's regular, you have probably wondered what goes on behind the counter when picking up your latest Baconator. Maybe it's the opposite and you faithfully trust the employees who churn out hundreds of fan-loving frosty's every day, wiping food crumbs before they fall. Either way, you may want to consider taking a second thought before choosing where to buy your next fast food meal. While some believe there are good reasons to never order chili at Wendy's, one social media user went ahead and took fellow TikTokers on a journey through the actual chili-making process last summer, and let's just say the video seemed to disgust many Wendy's fans.

Social media has become an easy outlet for everyday people to speak their truth and for some, that truth includes exposing fast food restaurants for shady food handling practices. No restaurant is immune to bad decision-making, and there are some big flops in Wendy's history. As the fast food chain attempts to maintain its social media presence through the sassy Wendy's Twitter account, the popular restaurant is still being called out for less than savory practices, causing a recent uproar on the TikTok platform.

One TikToker exposes Florida Wendy's purported lack of cleanliness

Last weekend, one TikTok user posted a video of moldy cooking grills at a Wendy's in St. Petersburg, Florida. In the video, the user shows varying degrees of green mold surrounding the surface of the food grills and with over 1 million views, let's just say viewers didn't hold back when commenting. While some users blamed the filth on too much work and lack of employees, most took the post as an opportunity to talk down about fast food restaurants in general. One user stated, "There's really not too many restaurants you can trust, just eat at home." The user who posted the video went on to expose the restaurant's greasy floors in another video, showing the rehydrated chili meat that he claims has "probably been out since this morning."

Unfortunately, this unpleasant exposure isn't the first time the restaurant chain has been called out or closed locations due to health violations. In 2020, one Wendy's in Middleburg, Florida was almost shut down for alarming food temperatures and mold on cooking surfaces (per News4Jax). Not only was Wendy's in Sebastian, Florida shut down in 2021 for unclean floors and ceilings, but days ago, Wendy's locations in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania were linked to 37 reported cases of E.coli (via CNN). Wendy's just announced major changes are coming in the fall (per PR Newswire), and these TikTokers may hope that some of those changes include cleanliness upgrades.