The Olive Garden Engagement Photo Shoot Just Got A Major Twist

If you're a frequent TikTok user, you might have seen a viral video showcasing a couple's engagement photos. On July 27, photographer @hunterlasheaphotography posted a compilation of engagement photos she took for a couple at a Tennessee Olive Garden. A caption at the top of the video reads, "When you want Italy vibes for your engagement photos, but you live in Tennessee." The hilarious yet impressive photo slideshow has racked up more than 24,000 likes and 262,000 views.

As BuzzFeed reported, the photoshoot features couple Carlsey Bibb and Caden Mills. "I asked Shea — our photographer and longtime friend — if there was anywhere she had been wanting to shoot but hadn't yet. That's when she mentioned Olive Garden," Bibb said to BuzzFeed. Luckily, Shea was able to make the vision a reality, even if the actual dream of visiting an Italian countryside wasn't. Or it wasn't at that point, at least.

The restaurant had a big surprise

On August 24, Carlsey Bibb and Caden Mills appeared on "Good Morning America" to discuss the viral success of their Olive Garden engagement shoot. The interview was filmed at the Cookeville, Tennessee Olive Garden location, where the photoshoot was made possible by photographer Shea Cravens. After chatting about the engagement and upcoming October wedding, Bibb brought up the topic of honeymoon planning. That's when the TV program announced some exciting news: Olive Garden will pay for the couple to visit Italy for their honeymoon.

Shortly after the big announcement, Olive Garden posted a photo of the couple on Instagram with the restaurant's building in the background. "We can't wait to see you recreate this in Italy," the caption read. It then went on to mention that the couple's photographer will haveher trip paid for as well. 

Bibb and Mills, naturally, were awestruck to learn about the free trip. "Wow, that's great," Mills said on "Good Morning America." Hopefully, while the couple is overseas, they can try some authentic Italian food.