Luke Bryan Just Released His Own Farm-To-Mouth Popcorn

It may seem like Luke Bryan is trying to take the corn kid's spotlight with the recent release of his popcorn, but Bryan's journey actually started back in 2020. This isn't the singer's first food endeavor either, as Bryan's line of hard seltzers launched last year. What some people may not know is that the "Kick the Dust Up" singer doesn't just croon about farming, he actually owns a farm. In 2020, he planted four acres of sweet corn, allegedly out of pandemic boredom, and immediately regretted it. As evidenced in a video he posted on Instagram featuring Bryan covered in dirt, carrying a bucket of corn, and advising others to not make the same mistake as him. Bryan's father, who is also a farmer, originally cautioned against it, but the country singer told Taste of Country that he has an issue with small projects — he always has to go big, no matter what.

"I bought a tractor, a tiller, a planter, a plow, fertilizer [but] ... essentially, it was a money-losing endeavor," the Georgia native told TOC. "Yeah, I'm in [for] a lot. I think I've only sold about $1,100 worth of sweet corn. So, I'm about $30,000 in the hole on this farming operation," he said. The "Rain is a Good Thing" singer apparently learned his lesson from that endeavor, though. This time around, he's getting help from local farmers to help him grow a reasonable amount of popcorn to make Fendt & Luke Bryan's Boldly Grown Popcorn.

Luke Bryan is partnering with agricultural machinery company Fendt to make his favorite snack

After Luke Bryan's sweet corn fiasco of 2020, he decided to bring in reinforcements for his latest corn-related adventure. The country music star is creating two flavors of popcorn in partnership with Fendt and Merritt Pop Co. (via People). The popcorn will sell for $5 a bag and comes in the classic "Bold Butter" flavor, in addition to the sweet and salty "Chart Toppin' Churro" (per the popcorn's official website). If this small-batch popcorn sells out, Fendt has agreed to donate $25,000 to the Future Farmers of America. Since the country singer grew up on a farm, he knows the importance of educating future generations about farming, including his own children.

"If I get my children, and there's a 15-acre field that we need to go out there and till up and get ready for planting, when we're done tilling up the 15 acres, my children can look back and go, 'You know what? We just did that, and we put in a great day's work and it was really, really satisfying and gratifying," the country star told Beef Magazine. He's either embarking on this popcorn endeavor for that same selfless reason, or because he wants to prove that he's better at farming than Blake Shelton.