Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its Returning Pretzel Snack

When it comes to savory snack aisle, the world truly is your oyster. Whether you want something plain and simple, like Pita Chips, or a cheesy, salty snack bursting with flavor, like a bag of Doritos, there is guaranteed to be one afternoon pick-me-up or late night snack that suits your fancy. When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a bag of pretzels. Salty, crunchy, and packed full of flavor, pretzels are some of the most versatile snacks out there. You can coat them in melted chocolate or yogurt for a simple dessert, use them as vessels to scoop up a delicious dip, or simply munch on them by the handful.

To make things complicated, there is more than one pretzel option to choose between at the grocery store. If getting a good crunch out of your pretzels is paramount, try a bag of Snyder's. If you prefer your pretzels thin, you can give a bag of Rold Gold Tiny Twists a shot, and gluten-free snackers can opt for a bag of Quinn Sea Salt Pretzel Twists. If Trader Joe's is your grocery store of choice, there are pretzel snacks available for you, too. User @traderjoeslist took to Instagram to share the return of one fan-favorite pretzel snack and shoppers couldn't be more delighted.

Trader Joe shoppers take their pretzels very seriously

Trader Joe's Pretzel Slims are back, @traderjoeslist shared on Instagram. The popular account also notified shoppers that this snack has been rebranded. Fans seemed truly overjoyed over the return of this new product. In the comment section, one user wrote "I've already gone through three bags," while another exclaimed, "Thank you baby Jesus!!!" 

Many customers also seemed eager for TJ's to bring back other pretzel varieties, especially the dark chocolate pretzel product. "I hope they bring the dark chocolate covered ones back," one user commented, while another wrote "DARK. CHOCOLATE. PRETZEL. SLIMS. NEED."

If you are looking for a plain and simple bag of pretzels, the Trader Joe's Pretzel Slims could be a good choice, but if you're a more adventurous snacker, this discount grocery store has other options to choose from. Customers could opt for Trader Joe's chocolate almond butter pretzels or the unique ube-covered pretzels, which shoppers are freaked out over. In fact, the ube-covered pretzels were so popular that one Reddit user even spotted customers buying up every bag of this product in a TJ's store. Some people are just that serious about their favorite pretzels.