New Survey Reveals The Most Liked Starbucks Iced Drink

Summer may be coming to a close, but there's always time to enjoy your favorite iced drinks from Starbucks. Some coffee connoisseurs can't wait for the seasons to change and to switch over from their favorite cold drink to their hot PSLs. Some aren't so quick to reach for a hot cup of java, though. Enjoying iced coffee drinks year-round has become a way of life for some, including one SBNation writer who claimed "drinking iced coffee year-round is the best way to live."

It seems as if others — including one New Yorker captured in a Tweet from the City of New York in 2019 carrying an iced coffee during a blizzard — agree with this notion. Customers' affinity for iced coffee drinks hasn't been lost on the industry either. According to the New York Times, the coffee industry has been pushing iced beverages since the 1980s, noting that, "Iced versions of coffee are the latest, and perhaps the most important, effort by the long-ailing $5 billion coffee industry to recapture what it likes to call a greater share of the bladder."

Okay, so we all like iced drinks, but what's the best one to order from Starbucks?

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and Regular Iced Coffee got gold stars

Whether you're hooked on iced coffee drinks year-round, or perhaps you're considering trading in your hot cup and converting to an iced coffee aficionado, you're in luck. Mashed surveyed 599 respondents based in the U.S. to discover the most-liked iced drink from Starbucks, and the results might surprise you.

In the survey, respondents were asked the question, "Which is your favorite iced drink at Starbucks?" The competition was fierce, but in the end, two drinks pulled ahead to tie in the number one spot, each with 22.37% of the vote, or 134 responses: Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and Regular Iced Coffee. Next up with 19.2% of the vote, or 115 responses, was the Pink Drink. This was followed by another tie with Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso and Chocolate Cold Cream Brew, each with 12.85% of the vote, or 77 responses. Bringing up the rear with 10.35% of the vote, or 62 responses, was the Nitro Cold Brew.

While it may seem surprising that the traditional iced coffee ranked so highly, its bottled counterparts consistently receive rave reviews from consumers, too (per The Kitchn).