How You Can Win A Taco Bell Wedding In The Metaverse

Weddings are usually associated with fancy catering and lavish meals, but when everyone is a few drinks deep at the end of the night, all they want is a no-frills late-night snack like Taco Bell. There's something about the contrast between hosting such an extravagant event and bringing out fast food that makes for an especially fun and memorable experience. While bringing in CrunchWrap Supremes and Baja Blasts at the end of the night is certainly memorable, some couples take it one step further and get married at the actual restaurant.

Taco Bell's first-ever cantina opened on the Las Vegas Strip back in 2016 (via AZ Central). The cantina offered a bit more of an upscale Taco Bell experience by serving alcohol and having a live DJ and VIP Lounge. In 2017, the chain leveled up the experience at this location even more and started offering wedding packages (via PR Newswire). Since the Taco Bell chapel opened, about 800 weddings have been hosted there. A wedding at the Las Vegas Taco Bell Cantina is a fraction of the price of a typical wedding ($807.01 per their website). Now, however, the chain is making it even more affordable for one lucky couple by hosting their wedding for free ... in the metaverse.

Couples can enter to win now through September 6, 2022

"The metaverse," is a relatively broad term used to describe virtual reality, augmented reality, or virtual worlds like Fortnite, according to Wired. Wendy's, Chipotle, and McDonald's are among the first fast food chains to enter the metaverse and create virtual versions of their restaurants that users can interact with (via Insider). Taco Bell dipped its toe in the pool of Web3 in 2021 when it created NFTs, but now it is diving into the metaverse head first. Taco Bell is offering couples the chance to win a metaverse wedding. The lucky pair will have wedding attire created by a well-known designer and appoint a "notable officiant," to lead the ceremony (via PR Newswire).

The wedding will take place this fall in the virtual world of Decentraland. Parts of the ceremony will only include invited guests, but other aspects of the event will be open to all Decentraland users. According to the contest's official website, in order to enter the contest, interested couples must make a video that is between 30 seconds and two minutes that showcases their love for Taco Bell and each other. The video can be uploaded to TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter, and entrants must tag Taco Bell and use the hashtag #TacoBellMetaverseWeddingContest. Users can also upload the video directly to the website. As always, make sure to read through the official rules to make sure you qualify for the contest.