The GBBO Winner Who's Moving To OnlyFans

The lighthearted competition show "The Great British Bake Off" has been a hit with fans since it started back in 2010 (via IMDb). Amateur bakers are able to showcase their skills and if they win, they may enjoy a little bit of fame after the show. Although the fame sounds like a good thing, GBBO season 3 winner John Whaite said that the show "derailed" his life (via theĀ Mirror). The baker was only 23 when he went on the show and was studying to be a lawyer (via The Sun). After the show, instead of continuing to study law, he opted to pursue baking and attended Le Cordon Bleu. He was also making business deals left and right because of his newfound fame, but after a bit, new GBBO winners entered the fold and the offers became less and less frequent.

"With more days alone at home, waiting by the phone like an anxious 1980s teenager urging their crush to call, my already depressed state of mind worsened," Whaite told The Sun. In 2019, Whaite announced that he was taking a break from social media due to a "severe bout of depression," per the Mirror. In 2021, Whaite re-entered the spotlight on BBC One's "Strictly Come Dancing" and made history as the show's first all-male partnership (via The Guardian). The GBBO winner told the Mirror that the show ignited a passion for bodybuilding, and the baker was sharing his workouts and progress photos on Instagram, until now.

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John Whaite's workout videos and progress photos will now be on OnlyFans

In today's social media landscape, there are several ways to monetize your content. Many creators have Patreon, where fans can pay a monthly subscription fee to access exclusive content. GBBO winner John Whaite has 303,000 Instagram followers and shares a wide range of content, from fitness to baking to dancing. The baker got into bodybuilding when he started on "Strictly Come Dancing" and has shared his fitness journey on the social media platform.

Whaite wrote in an Instagram post that he is moving some of his content to OnlyFans because he believes his workout videos have enough value to be behind a paywall and his progress photos can be a bit too "cheeky" for the site. The baking competition winner added that his Instagram will solely focus on "food creativity and branded work." To preempt the move from becoming yet another GBBO-related scandal, Whaite also addressed the stigma associated with OnlyFans in the post: "I know that in spite of this clear explanation, some of you may still have quite strong opinions about my decision, but I ask that you respect it and keep an open heart and an open mind." Whaite's fans were very supportive in the comments. "I do indeed have a strong opinion about it... it's feckin MARVELLOUS! You do you and screw what anyone else thinks," commented English broadcaster Jayne Sharp. "Eloquently put! Good for you John," said another Instagrammer.