What Happened To The Bubbly Blaster After Shark Tank?

Half the fun of having a bottle of Champagne is launching the cork across the room and watching the bubbles rain down on your guests — unless, of course, it's expensive. No one wants to see Dom Perignon pooling on the hardwood. Few, however, have cried over spilt prosecco (even Vera Wang's prosecco). Unfortunately, no matter what bubbly you choose, your effervescent fun is short-lived, leaving everyone feeling let down and soggy. This is where the Bubbly Blaster steps in, making the Champagne-shooting experience far more enjoyable. 

What is a Bubbly Blaster? It's a Champagne gun that the company website describes as providing users with maximum comfort and control, creating a "long-lasting champers cannon." It promises "more fun and less mess" and can be fastened to any bottle of bubbly. 

Stason Strong, the product's inventor, knows what it's like to experience Champagne disappointment. In an ABC YouTube video, he explained he was at a celebration that involved the showering of bubbly and it ended way too quickly. He and his buddies all said the same thing: "Something needs to be done here. We need to have some more fun." He and his friends at SpaceX transformed his rough prototype into a polished product using a 3D printer. Strong then partnered with MBA graduate Bradley Hall, and their company was born. After $560,000 in sales, the duo decided to pay the business moguls at "Shark Tank" a visit in the hopes of catapulting their enterprise to loftier heights. 

Bubbly Blaster landed a two-shark deal

Over the years, fans of "Shark Tank" have seen aspiring entrepreneurs fade off into oblivion after coming away from the show empty-handed. And one of the most common questions asked is "What ever happened to blah blah after Shark Tank?" So, what happened with Bubbly Blaster? Did Stason Strong and Bradley Hall face rejection or emerge victorious? 

From the moment the pair began their spiel on Season 12, Episode 10, the sharks appeared to be enthralled by the pair's sheer enthusiasm, per ABC. When Lori Greiner asked them how much it costs to make the product and what it sells for, the sharks' mild interest transformed into a feeding frenzy. With a landing cost of a mere $18.50 and a retail price of $99.99, the moguls clearly saw an ideal investment opportunity. Originally seeking $120,000 for 20% of their company, Mark Cuban offered a deal of $120,000 for a 25% stake. The Bubbly Blaster duo asked if guest shark Alex Rodriguez would be willing to join the team. Cuban and Rodriguez agreed to do the deal for $180,000 for 30% of the business (per Insider Growth). 

Bubbly Blaster secured the money to increase advertising and create additional inventory (per ABC) and the priceless input of two business-savvy sharks. But did sales skyrocket as the masses discovered this is the best way to use leftover Champagne

It's unclear if the Shark Tank deal was finalized

Bubbly Blaster appears to be alive and well. When you peruse Bubbly Blaster's website, you'll notice that the company offers its Champagne gun in five colors, but that's not all. The company has expanded into accessories as well, including aluminum fins that allow you to share your own customizable message, a pride fin, snapback ball caps in three colors, and an entertainment pack that allows you to attach your phone or recording device and memorialize your celebration for years to come. 

Conversely, Bubbly Blaster's Facebook page has been inactive since autumn 2021, and its Instagram account is equally outdated. The Shark Tank Blog reports that in July 2021, the "Shark Tank" deal still had not been finalized, the company was out of a significant amount of inventory, and that several imitation products were selling on Amazon. Currently, however, all five Bubbly Blaster models are in stock for the original price of $99.99. It's unclear whether or not the deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez ever came to fruition.  

Who knew that up until now, you've been serving Champagne wrong? Apparently, you and your fellow party-goers should have been firing your bubbly directly into one another's mouths. Just remember, stick with the cheap stuff when sending your Champagne air-borne.