Sunny Anderson Received Support From A Fellow Chef After Clapping Back At Twitter Haters

With her varied history on The Food Network over the years, we can safely say one thing about Sunny Anderson: The chef knows how to garner a fan base. The former Air Force radio host has been making a name for herself on The Food Network since 2005 and has been a semi-regular guest chef and judge on "Beat Bobby Flay" since 2014 (per IMDb).

With Anderson's commentary and truth-speaking feedback, however, she can't win the hearts of every single Bobby Flay supporter. In 2017, when she posted a photo of her appearance on "Beat Bobby Flay" to Facebook, some of the comments were quite harsh. One social media user stated, "She is too loud and acts ignorant," while another claimed that her appearances "ruin" the show.

Luckily, Anderson's presence on the fast-paced Food Network show receives far more positive reviews than negative ones. Earlier this summer, the chef posted a picture with TV personality Carson Kressley during filming on Instagram, and the star received nothing but support from viewers with one commenting, "The best episodes are when you're on — the dynamic can't be beat."

Being a guest judge on such a popular show isn't easy and criticism will rear its ugly head from time to time. After receiving some nasty comments on Twitter, Anderson not only stood up for herself but discovered how much her TV presence is appreciated.

Sunny Anderson has support on social media

On Twitter, Sunny Anderson recently received a harsh comment from one user claiming the chef was "rude about Bobby Flay and Crunchify" and was tired of hearing her "scream her lungs out" on the show. Anderson was quick to respond with, "I'm doing my job and he loves it which is why I get asked back."

Not only did Anderson address the rude comment, but she also faced other commentary and received outspoken support from fellow chef Michael Symon. The "Iron Chef" reposted a comment made by Anderson to another Twitter user stating, "No one tells me how to be," while also admitting she has "a big mouth." Symon reposted the comment and wrote, "You do it perfectly."

Among the back and forth, one Twitter user stated that Anderson and Flay must respect one another if they work so closely together. Whether or not Bobby Flay has trademarked the term "crunchify," Anderson has nothing but love and admiration for the chef and even makes Flay-inspired burgers and shares them on Instagram. In one of Flay's most recent Instagram posts featuring Anderson and Kressley, social media users made it clear they love Anderson's humorous persona and one fan asked, "Could there even be a better lineup?" Even in times of strife on social media, Sunny Anderson proves she has a strong network of fans and celebrity chefs at her side.