Nearly 30% Of People Say This Is The Best Flavor Of Kettle Brand Chips - Mashed Survey

A classic crunchy snack, potato chips pair perfectly with a sandwich, dip, or on their own straight from the bag. This versatile snack comes in different styles. Kettle Brand creates distinctive chips thanks to its chosen method of cooking. The name of the brand tells you the cooking style. The potato chips are kettle- or batch-cooked, which means potatoes are added to the oil during frying with the end result being a crunchier bite (via Chicago Tribune). According to the Kettle Brand website, the company makes its chips "extra thick." Some people might consider them a high-end snack or even suggest that kettle chips are healthier than typical potato chips, which is a myth. But many might just indulge in them for the flavor.

Kettle Brand currently offers more than a dozen different flavors (via Kettle Brand's website) and was recently the subject of a Mashed survey that asked readers, "Which is the best flavor of Kettle Brand chips?" A total of 599 people voiced their salty opinions about five flavors. Ranking kettle chips doesn't sound easy, but one option was voted the best by almost 30% of the people.

Many people picked sea salt and vinegar

The Kettle Brand flavor at the bottom of the list with 65 votes or 10.85% is Honey Dijon. Next up at second from the bottom is JalapeƱo at 108 votes (18.03%). The classic flavor, Sea Salt, is middle on the list at 126 votes (21.04%). The runner-up for fan favorite flavor is Backyard Barbeque at 130 votes, which translates to 21.07%. And at the top of the list with 170 votes (28.38%), Sea Salt & Vinegar is the best flavor of Kettle Brand chips, according to respondents. Sea Salt & Vinegar coming out on top is surprising when considering the most popular potato chip flavor.

Sea Salt & Vinegar might be the most popular flavor of Kettle Brand chips among Mashed survey participants, but according to Statista, the flavor that reigns supreme in the U.S. as of 2020 is plain. That's not to say the results of the survey aren't relatable. In a YouTube video, the hosts of "Good Mythical Morning," Rhett and Link, tried every Kettle Brand flavor. They chose Sea Salt & Vinegar as the best flavor, praising the taste and the crunch. "Restaurant Impossible" star Robert Irvine has said that sea salt and vinegar chips improve any sandwich. So whether people think the flavor forms part of a can't-miss combo at lunchtime or just want to grab some on their own, salt and vinegar chips have fans. And that's definitely the case with Kettle Brand.