These Chips Improve Any Sandwich, According To Robert Irvine

There are so many tasty sandwiches out there, and a sandwich always makes for a quick, easy, and filling lunch. Although chips are usually reserved as a side, Robert Irvine may have convinced us otherwise. Recently, Irvine tweeted out a recipe for a smoked shrimp roll that appeared on his Food Network TV show "Restaurant Impossible."

But what makes this smoked shrimp roll stand out from the rest? Sea salt and vinegar chips in the sandwich itself! The chips provide an extra bit of crunch to this roll, although adding chips is never a bad idea no matter what you're making, according to Irvine. "By the way, salt and vinegar chips can improve just about any sandwich!" he wrote in his tweet.

Sea salt and vinegar chips have a delightful tanginess, and the crunch from the chips will add a new texture to jazz up your sandwich. If you really want to get fancy, you can even make your own potato chips from scratch.

The best pairings for chips and sandwiches

Robert Irvine might say that sea salt and vinegar chips can improve any sandwich, but according to Good Housekeeping, sea salt and vinegar chips are best with a sandwich combining tuna, chicken, and egg. The outlet's list also includes plenty of other chip and sandwich pairings, like blue chips with tartines — a type of open-face sandwich. Although the list seems to be for chips next to sandwiches, you can always sprinkle a handful of chips directly onto yours.

Food Republic also has a list of chip and sandwich pairings similar to Good Housekeeping's suggestions, but if you want ideas for what chips to put straight into your sandwich, Buzzfeed has plenty of recommendations, one of which includes putting tortilla chips in a grilled cheese along with some bacon and guacamole. You can also prepare a muffuletta sandwich, which also pairs perfectly with chips. So the next time you go to make lunch, take a page from Irvine's book and try adding a layer of your favorite crunchy crisps for an extra kick.