Reddit's Cracking Up At The Serving Size For Trader Joe's Popsicles

Serving sizes on nutrition labels used to be a number that you would look at and laugh at, but earlier this year, the FDA updated nutrition labels to more accurately reflect how much consumers typically eat in one sitting. Until now, the standard serving sizes for nutrition facts labels were based on eating habits from the late '70s and '80s, so they were certainly due for a refresh. The FDA also clarified that contrary to popular belief, serving sizes are not a recommendation for how much people should eat, they're required by law to be based on the eating habits of real people.

The serving size for ice cream, for example, used to be ½ cup, and now it's been updated to the more realistic ⅔ cup (via FDA). Another update to the nutrition facts label is that some products may have a label with two columns, one listing the calories, sugar, and such, and one on the other side would list the nutrition facts for the entire container. One of these updated labels caused Redditors to crack up because a package of popsicles finally had a realistic serving size.

We have good news for fans of Trader Joe's Out of this World Ice Pops

Serving sizes for snacks like Goldfish can be a bit trivial, but for products that are packaged individually, like popsicles, one could deduce that the appropriate serving size would be a single popsicle. On the heels of the FDA's new regulations, though, there's a whole new world of possibility. One Redditor posted a photo of the back of an Out of this World Ice Pop box from Trader Joe's and other users on the r/traderjoes thread were cracking up at the serving size. "I don't handle summer weather well, and TJs gets that (Really appreciate that they've decided a serving size of their ice pops is THREE popsicles!!)," u/OwnSpace wrote in the caption.

A fellow popsicle enthusiast replied, "Oh thats so funny because I looked at the calories the other day and thought "eh 150 cals for a popsicle isnt [sp] worth it" but I didnt [sp] realize that was for 3!! I should have looked through because Outshine does the same thing." 

In an interesting twist, other Redditors pointed out the surprising serving sizes of other TJ's products. "if you look at the hold the dairy cones, their serving size is like 6 cones i love it," replied one. Another Reddit user wished that all the serving sizes were this straightforward and replied "the serving size on their popsicles are all like this! like 2 creamsicles or fudge bars but then only eat 9 Scandinavian swimmers for a serving which feels like that would never happen haha."