Trader Joe's Fans Think Its Red, White, And Blue Frozen Treats Are The Bomb

If you're a regular shopper at Trader Joe's, chances are you're privy to the hefty cost savings, interpersonal atmosphere, and unique product offerings. Even more so, when a new season rolls around, you're probably giddy with excitement to see what new quirky food items the brand has in store. It comes as no surprise to discover that Trader Joe's fans are known to form a cult following for certain food items. Classic picks like the TJ's tikka masala, cookie butter, and cauliflower gnocchi have shoppers raving year after year.

This summer is no exception for the grocer, as it is now rolling out the red carpet for new seasonal items that have everything to do with barbecues and relaxing in the sun. Among the roughly two dozen different ice cream treats the boutique-like grocery store is offering this summer, such as Southern peach crisp ice cream and tangerine ice cream bars, there is a new popsicle being released this month that just might remind you of hot summer nights watching fireworks as a kid. The verdict is still out on whether or not people will drive for hours to shop at Trader Joe's in hopes of scoring a box, but customer reviews do sound pretty positive so far.

These new TJ's ice pops look a lot like the ones you ate as a kid

This week, Instagram user @traderjoeslist posted a picture of Trader Joes' seasonal popsicle that is highly reminiscent of the classic Bomb Pops many of us grew up with in the '90s. Social media users went wild in the comments, with one writing, "The best popsicles EVER! Perfectly tart and sweet!" Another happy reviewer said, "Got them today! So good." While Trader Joe's List has yet to release an official review of the icy refreshment, TJ's lovers are making it clear that they're happy to buy them for $2.99 per box of six.

According to the Trader Joe's website, these red, white, and blue pops are layered with lemon, blueberry, and strawberry-flavored ice, which are colored with fruits and vegetables rather than artificial additives. While a few Instagrammers pointed out the high sugar content for one serving (three popsicles), others pointed out that a popsicle "isn't supposed to be healthy." If you look for these nostalgic pops in the freezer section, you'll notice some other limited-edition, warm-weather items in the case, like watermelon and peach macarons and horchata-inspired ice cream.