The Savory Cookbook That Celebrates 50 Years Of Popeyes

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It's obvious that most companies aren't too eager to share their secrets with the public. Chances are you'll never watch Colonel Sanders deliver KFC's signature secret spice blend recipe on live TV. And it would be a cold day in a warm place when Coca-Cola gives out its legendary formula. No matter how much money you may offer, these companies will never let you in on what makes their products so good. But that doesn't mean all companies aren't eager to share what inspired their legendary menus.

According to QSR Magazine, fried chicken purveyor Popeyes is set to release a cookbook in September to celebrate the chain's 50th anniversary. Known as "Secrets of a Tastemaker: Al Copeland the Cookbook," the book doesn't necessarily contain secret recipes or any juicy Popeyes secrets, but instead shares stories and recipes from Popeyes' founder, Al Copeland. Described as a "hard-charging, high-living entrepreneur," by NOLA, Copeland was known for his lavish lifestyle and natural knack for business. "Secrets of a Tastemaker," will enlighten Popeyes fans on the recipes that inspired Copeland to launch one of the most popular chicken chains in fast food.

Prepare for Cajun-inspired recipes from Popeyes' founder

For a restaurant that bills itself as a "Louisiana Kitchen," it should come as no surprise that "Secrets of a Tastemaker: Al Copeland The Cookbook" features a selection of recipes that are Cajun-based or Cajun-inspired. According to Garden & Gun, Copeland married into a Cajun family at the age of 18, which, alongside his local New Orleans environment, deeply influenced his food tastes. Fittingly, the book's recipes include a generations-old fried chicken method, a Cajun take on beef stroganoff using duck, and, of course, Popeyes' delicious biscuits.

"Secrets of a Tastemaker" should also teach Popeyes customers something new about the chain's founder. For one, Copeland had another restaurant chain besides Popeyes: Copeland's, which served New Orleans-style dishes not found at its more casual relative. One such offering was the Crash and Burn, a multi-person cocktail, according to The New York Times. Garden & Gun says that one signature Copeland's recipe featured in the book is for cheesecake with a pecan crust. The cookbook will be available on September 13 and can be reserved for preorder online. If you can't wait that long, you can cook a couple of preview recipes featured on Amazon — think fried catfish with a sesame-pecan topping and buttery shrimp angel hair with dill — in the meantime, or read up on what makes Popeyes' chicken so good.