This Is Why Popeyes' Biscuits Are So Delicious

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If you're cruising into a Popeyes, then you're probably not there to applaud the joint's architecture or not-so-innovative design choices. Like most folks, you are presumably there to buy some of their famous fried chicken selections. However, this product isn't the only treasured item that can be found inside of these fast food joint. A significant amount of people really also vibe with Popeyes' biscuits. As Cristine Struble for FoodSided wrote, "There is no denying that these buttery biscuits are extremely tasty." And on Twitter, one user stated, "Popeyes biscuit is the best part of the meal." Furthermore, these two examples are only the tip of the compliment iceberg.

So, why is this side such a beloved feed? Well, there are myriad reasons, and we're about run through the main ones. Nevertheless, if you start hankering for some biscuits while reading this list, don't say that nobody ever warned you.

Popeyes' biscuits contain buttermilk

According to multiple biscuit recipes, including "The Only Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe You'll Ever Need," a classic biscuit needs some buttermilk in it. Both Country Living and Baker Bettie agree, and furthermore, Season & Suppers states that legit buttermilk works best in their own recipe and that you probably use a type of buttermilk that has a higher fat content.

Now, at this point, it may not come as a surprise that Popeyes has publicized the fact that their biscuits contain buttermilk. On their website, they asserted that such a product was first marketed to the public in 1983, going on to state that it "later became a significant menu item."

But how does buttermilk impact a biscuit's flavor? Is one with this ingredient really that different from one that contains regular old milk? According to a fast food biscuit review on My Recipes, buttermilk legitimately changes the game. When discussing Popeyes' creation, they exclaimed, "Unlike many of its franchised brethren, the Popeye's biscuit uses buttermilk, which adds a slightly different, saltier flavor than other standard butter (or 'butter') versions." Ergo, if you enjoy your biscuits on the more savory side, then you might agree that Popeyes' baked goods are a scrumptious time.

Popeyes' biscuits match with Popeyes' gravy

There's no denying it that some food combos are absolutely iconic. And one of these powerhouse marriages is a humble biscuit paired with some gravy. That's right, this feed is a culinary pillar. In 2018, The Stranger declared, "There's something classic and homey about biscuits and sausage gravy, a dish with European roots that has existed in America in one form or another for more than 300 years." This publication then stated that it's also a southern staple and can star other types of gravy.

So, keeping in mind that these two food groups are expected to work together, do Popeyes' biscuits compliment their gravy? Well, multiple people on social media and even some official sources have certainly thought so! One person tweeted out, "Nothing beats a Popeyes biscuit dipped in mashed potatoes and spicy gravy!" Likewise, another Tweeter noted that the skin of a Popeyes biscuit crunches in the joint's mashed potato and gravy, which they believed improves the overall fast food experience. And in these Deadspin instructions on how exactly to enjoy a Popeyes' biscuit, Albert Burneko declares that even after being soaked in gravy, the fast food chain's creation remains "buttery, fluffy, crumbly, and perfect."

Popeyes' biscuits have an excellent texture

If you're chowing down on some grub and you want to determine whether it's delicious or not, you might judge parts of your dish that aren't entirely related to how the thing tastes. For instance, you might evaluate the food's look or texture — if your meal has an umami flavor profile, but it feels like a horseshoe in your mouth, then there's a chance that you wouldn't describe what you tried out as scrumptious.

Now, fortunately for Popeyes, when this very website, Mashed, described the texture of Popeyes' biscuits, they received a glowing review. Yup, in an article that critiqued these baked items, this publication said, "They're buttery, flaky and crumbly, soft and delicate, and can fit into your mouth in one go if you're really dedicated to it." And The Washington Post also agrees, declaring that their "mouthfeel" is "very pleasurable" and "rich."

Therefore, if you're the sort of person that reckons a delicious feed needs a great texture, then Popeyes' biscuits might be your jam.

Popeyes' biscuits have a buttery taste

If you were to highlight all of the words that routinely pop up in a evaluation of Popeyes' biscuits, one of the most common would be "buttery." On Twitter, a fan of the side wrote, "Popeyes biscuits. Buttery keys to my heart." And another expressed, "I need me some Popeyes buttery biscuits." In 2020, Popeyes even got in on the action, tweeting out, "RT this if you know the joy of a perfectly buttery, soft Popeyes biscuit." Their request ended up getting over a hundred retweets. 

Moreover, it's not just the Twittersphere that uses this word to describe the texture of Popeyes' biscuits. Business Insider called them a "flaky, buttery triumph," while Branded Eating called the biscuits' crust both "buttery" and "crisp." At this point, it's pretty safe to say that Popeyes knows what they're doing when it comes to butter and flavor with these scrumptious baked offerings.

You can bake Popeyes' biscuits to your liking

Up until now, we've only discussed people who've given Popeyes' biscuits a decent review. Nevertheless, this product does have its critics. Case in point, Spoon University dissed the size of Popeyes' biscuits, stating that they're smaller than the biscuits at Bojangles.' And other folks online seem to agree that these baked goods are on the arid side. One Twitter user even joked that they're as dry as the "Saharan desert."

However, while you might agree that these critiques are on point, Popeyes' biscuits don't always have to be dehydrated or small. And this is because you can buy your very own packets of their baking mix, which you can then whip together at home. Yessiree, Popeyes sells a Buttermilk Biscuit Mix on Amazon and in some brick-and-mortar stores, including some Walmart locations. So, like many homemade foods, they are completely customizable. If you want to make Popeyes' biscuits bigger or less dry, then you have the power to do so.

Furthermore, some folks that purchased the mix on Amazon really dug it. One reviewer wrote, "These taste just like the in restaurant biscuits, even a little lighter/less dry." Plus, a different account stated, "We loved them... I added a little more milk and melted butter to the batter." 

Popeyes' biscuits are nostalgic to some folks

On the Popeyes website, the chain states that it was first established in 1972. This means that their food has existed for decades and is most likely nostalgic to some of their diners. As Scott Gold on Thrillist put it, "When I was in grade school, we would have 'Popeyes Fridays,' and, friends, those were some of the best days... A two-piece box with a biscuit and a toy was about the most glorious thing I or any of my young compadres could imagine."

However, while this info's all hunky dory, how could a wave of nostalgia possibly help make something like Popeyes' biscuits be even more delicious? Well, psychologist and neuroscientist Hadley Bergstrom explained to HuffPost that this sensation can impact how a feed tastes. In a 2017 article, they're reported as saying, "The idea of nostalgia is that the sauce [for example] is associated not only with yummy pasta, but also with grandma and her home ― that's because food is so reinforcing. All of this stimuli in the environment become associated with the reinforcing properties of that yummy pasta sauce."

Ergo, when Gold describes Popeyes' biscuits as being "magic" in his Thrillist article, his memories might be impacting his reaction. Moreover, anyone who grew up with this product could potentially be affected by their nostalgia goggles if they tasted them again, and those memories may reinforce these biscuits' deliciousness.

Popeyes' biscuits also work well with honey

As previously mentioned, biscuits and gravy are a culinary staple. But while this is the case, they're not the only famous combo which star these classic baked goods. Another beloved pairing is a biscuit that's covered in honey. As one Twitter user claimed, "Y'all haven't lived until you've put honey on your biscuit." Likewise, Popeyes' competitor Bojangles' once tweeted, "Get honey. Put it on your biscuit. Eat it. Smile."

So, now that this fusion is at the front and center, how do Popeyes' biscuits stack up? The answer to this question is very successfully, according to multiple diners. In 2016, The Kansas State Collegian declared, "Popeyes' biscuits are fluffy, salty and fantastic. Throw some butter and honey on there and you're in gluten heaven." Plus on a Popeyes' Facebook post, a plethora of accounts praised this enduring union.

Thus, if you have a passion for all things salty yet sweet, then maybe you'll enjoy a Popeyes' biscuit with honey. After all, it's a celebrated dish that's apparently done right. And what more could a person want from this classic fast food delight?

Popeyes' biscuits melt in your mouth, unlike the competition

As stated in the Macmillan Dictionary, for food to melt in your mouth, it has to become "soft in your mouth" and "tastes very good." In other words, it cannot be scrumptiously delectable, yet as hard as a bolder nor have a tender texture and taste awful. So, when a writer throws out this compliment, they're usually giving a dish a stamp of approval. And such a seal can certainly be observed in a 2012 Forbes article, which compares KFC's biscuits to Popeyes' biscuits. In this piece, the author Carol Tice wrote, "KFC's biscuit is a biscuit. Popeyes' biscuit is a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth little slice of pure buttermilky heaven."

Additionally, Tice isn't the only one that's described Popeyes' biscuits in this manner. In 2010, CBS News posited, "Popeyes biscuits melt in your mouth, while KFC's are merely edible." Plus, on Twitter, one user outlined, "Popeyes biscuits just melt in your mouth."

Popeyes' biscuits can be similar to pancakes

Ah, pancakes. No matter how you stack 'em, they are truly a classic, and not just in the US. According to the National Geographic, pancake-like dishes may have existed 30,000 years ago and were even consumed in ancient Greece. And Britannica outlined that Ireland and some other countries have a celebration called Pancake Day or Pancake Tuesday, where people cook up these famous discs in celebration.

Therefore, if you're a fan of this enduring breakfast dish, then you might like your Popeyes' biscuits to be reminiscent of pancakes — and Lily Grace Tabanera at Cosmopolitan certainly did. In a review of Popeyes' Philippines menu, she discussed that the joint sold biscuits which were coated in chocolate and declared that they were delicious. Tabanera asserted, "It's a pancake and biscuit combined! I'm a fan of desserts, but this one was more than a dessert because it was perfect as a filling snack... It was just the right amount of buttery, crumbly, and chewy."

Now, it's worth noting that the American branch of Popeyes doesn't currently sell these chocolate biscuits. However, that doesn't negate them from being potentially delicious from your viewpoint or comparable to some pancakes. If you ever find yourself in the Philippines, it might be worth finding out if you can try one of these sweet sides.

Popeyes' biscuits smell great

In 2011, a Twitter user reported that Popeyes' biscuits have their own unique scent: "Somebody sitting in front of me is eating a Popeyes biscuit. I know that smell too well... I'm about to ask for a piece," they said. And a ton of people on the platform also reckoned that these baked goods smell delightful. Another user tweeted, "Popeyes biscuits smell so good and taste even better!" And the comedian Pete Holmes joked, "Babies smell like Popeyes biscuits. I must be ovulating."

But what does the smell of a Popeyes' biscuit have do with how it tastes? In this Eater video, the creators explain how the scent of food influences a diner's experience. A narrator states, "Smell doesn't stop when something enters your mouth. You can also smell food while it's inside your mouth. This is called retronasal olfaction, and it's a key player in the orchestra that is our flavor experience." The narrator then explains that when we eat food, how it smells travels up through our retronasal passages and into our brains, and this action contributes to a dish's character.

Therefore, the smell of a Popeyes' biscuits might be influencing folks to describe this product as "yummy" or "delicious." And there's also a possibility that they won't realize that the scent of this side has impacted them, which further creates an enjoyable experience.

Popeyes' biscuits don't need condiments on them

Are you the sort of person that wants a whack of gravy covering their biscuits? Or are you a honey stan? Well, no matter what your condiment of choice is, a biscuit should be rated two thumbs up on its own. Because otherwise, you're just eating a disappointing creation that has to be disguised by  other flavors.

But fortunately for Popeyes, a plethora people reckon that their biscuits are a good time without anything on them. In 2020, Time Out said that they weren't only the best side, but that you "can't go wrong" with gobbling them unembellished. On Twitter, one user asserted, "Popeyes biscuits are better plain." So, if you're a fan of Popeyes' biscuits with either honey or gravy on them, then maybe you should try eating these in a standard-issue manner. Because if you dig this product when its plain, then it could become your favorite biscuit ever. And if it is, then your go-to snack could be sorted.

Popeyes' biscuits can be served fresh

On Twitter, Popeyes hasn't shied away from the fact that they can serve up a fresh biscuit. In 2011, they wrote that having one of these from their establishment is a great way to "start your day." And in 2015, they tweeted out, "Love = Fresh Biscuits."

On that note, numerous individuals have hyped up how good these biscuits are when they're new. In an article on Panther Now, Gabby Arzola described Popeyes' biscuits as being "fresh" before going onto say that they were her "favorite part of the meal." Likewise, on Twitter, one user exclaimed, "Wishing I had a Popeyes biscuit – fresh, hot and covered in honey."

Yet, while a lot of folks like a fresh biscuit from Popeyes, are they more delicious this way? The answer to this question is probably yes. According to BAKERpedia, bread products slowly start to go stale as soon as they're pulled out of an oven, and stalling before eating causes these items to no longer posses their original characteristics. Thus, the fact that Popeyes can freshly serve their biscuits means that there flavors can be more pronounced. 

Popeyes worked hard to make A+ biscuits

If you're purchasing a Popeyes' biscuits, you're probably not thinking about the hours, the work, and the drama that went into their creation. Nevertheless, if you're curious, 64 Parishes reported on this saga, and it's a doozy. This publication said that in 1983, Popeyes' creator Al Copeland wasn't happy with the joint's original biscuit. During that year, Copeland told the Louisiana Public Broadcasting, "I've always been disappointed by the roll. It's a standard roll. Half the people eat it, half the people throw it away, but the industry dictates that you should have a bread product."

This allegedly subpar item resulted in Copeland spending months and months trying to create a new biscuit for his chain in collaboration with the company's tasting lab. However, some of Copeland's co-workers wanted this product to be released sooner rather than later. Lamar Berry, a man who crafted some of Popeyes' advertisements, revealed, "Every month that went by, it was not perfect for him. It finally got to a point where several of us, including [executive Vice President] Ron Lewis, who was basically president of the company, had meetings with Al where we were begging him."

Fortunately, Copeland did end up settling on a updated biscuit recipe, and the rest is history. And this story demonstrates how much effort went into getting these buttermilk goods onto the market. If this never happened, then maybe fewer folks would reckon that they're as delicious as they are.