The Dirt-Cheap Item At Piggly Wiggly That Keeps People Coming Back

From rising gas and home prices to sticker shock at the grocery store, it's widely accepted that everything has increased in price (via Time). According to Fortune, grocery items, in particular, have been rising and continue to grow in price. Except for things like AriZona iced tea cans that can't change in cost and the Costco hot dog, the number on the sticker is expected to increase, per Markets Insider

The Piggly Wiggly, a southern-based grocery store, has been a pillar of reference for other grocery stores on how to keep costs accessible and affordable. According to Smithsonian Magazine, Piggly Wiggly opened its doors in 1916 in Memphis, Tennessee, and was the first store to implement self-service, keeping staff numbers and costs low. With other grocery store chains popping up combined with inflation, Piggly Wiggly may have lots of competition — however, when it comes to a can of soda, they know how to keep the price down. 

Pop a can of bubbly at the Piggly Wiggly

Popping open a can of your favorite fizzy drink has not been exempt from being more expensive. According to Bloomberg, the cost of Coca-cola has increased dramatically in the past few years. In 2022 alone, "the soft-drink prices across a mix of products increased by 12%," and for customers, that's an increase of about 5%. Whether it's a 2-liter bottle or a can of soda, the drastic rise in the usually more affordable 2-liter bottles (via Frugal Green Girl) only serves as bad news for the more pricey can of soda. 

Luckily, the sticker shock for canned sodas has not made its way to the frugal Piggly Wiggly, much to shoppers' delight. Grabbing a refreshing can of soda from the grocery chain's fridges will set you back less than a dollar. According to Southern Living, you can enjoy a can of bubbly soda for only 50 to 75 cents. While cheap drinks keep customers returning, it might not be enough for the southern grocery chain to stay afloat. Experiencing closures since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the Piggly Wiggly might not survive through 2022.