Reddit Is Seriously Divided Over This Egg Cooking Technique

Eggs are a versatile breakfast and a popular source of protein. According to The Washington Post, in 2019 the average American ate nearly 300 eggs — and that number is only on the rise. Beyond a staple breakfast item known as the perfect protein, eggs can be cooked and served in a wide variety of ways.

Upon ordering breakfast at a diner, you're sure to get asked by your server, "how do you want your eggs?" Everyone has a favorite order, whether it be sunny-side-up, over-easy, or poached. However, none of those orders are the most popular method of cooking eggs. Preparing eggs at home is a common practice, and there are just as many, if not more, methods of cooking as when ordering at a restaurant. Home cooks, however, are just as divided on how to properly prepare an egg. Even something as deceptively simple as frying an egg can be the cause of much discourse.

To keep the lid on or off is the question

A thread on r/eggs took off recently and has commenters divided on the best way to cook eggs on the stove. The original poster uploaded a picture of their heavily seasoned sunny-side-up eggs in a pan with no lid on and asked, "do y'all cook eggs with the lid on or off?" Commenters responded with their opinions, one person saying, "sunny side always ON, I like them runny but if the lid is off there's a layer of raw transparent egg that's gross to me."

The runny yolk is what really has Redditors divided, with one saying the "snotty egg raw egg bit is abhorrent." While others like the yolk to be runny and offered their cooking tips. Hacks like flipping the egg over for a few seconds to spooning hot oil onto the yolk to cook it are simple ways to ensure a perfectly runny yolk. Without a clear consensus, the lid on or off technique is strictly personal preference and, at least according to Reddit, seems largely based on how cooked you want your yolk. Just make sure not to make these mistakes when frying an egg.