Here's How You Can Try A Replica Of John F. Kennedy's Wedding Cake

There are few wedding cakes that stand the test of time quite like JFK's has. Decades after John and Jackie Kennedy got hitched in 1953, their simple wedding cake flavor combinations were such a hit that the cake has made its way to the palates of those curious enough to try it for themselves. The presidential couple's intricately designed dessert featured detailed piping cascading down several tiers of white cake, lined with raspberry jam and frosting and topped with vanilla buttercream. This heavenly creation was created by Montilio's Baking Company, a family-owned Massachusetts bakery that has been in business since 1947.

John F. Kennedy enjoyed his wedding cake so much that he requested the very same one to enjoy at his 1961 inauguration. Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush followed suit and also opted to have Montilio's white cake served at their own inaugurations, according to Taste of Home. Clearly, there's something special about this luscious recipe — and you can actually try it to see for yourself what all the hype was about.

You can order JFK's cake from the original bakery

Today, Montilio's is still making John F. Kennedy's beloved wedding cake the "old-fashioned way, by hand, using only simple ingredients. Many of these recipes haven't changed in more than 70 years, and you can taste the decades of tradition in every bite,"  the company explains, via Goldbelly. However, instead of a full-blown wedding cake, the one you order is a scrumptious blend of raspberry and buttercream packed into three layers of a seven-inch cake. 

When you order it from Goldbelly, it comes with a description of its sweet history and is preserved with dry ice. Store it in the fridge, and it will keep for a week; when it's kept in the freezer, you can enjoy a few rich bites here and there all year long. It serves eight people, so it's the perfect cake if you're looking to celebrate something small and special while tasting something exceptional.

The best part is that, unlike other gourmet confections you might have tried in the past, this one isn't overly sweet. Once you take your first bite and let your taste buds witness the expertly balanced fluffy texture, the smooth buttercream recipe, and the tangy punch of the raspberry jam, you'll see just why Montilio's cakes are so sought-after.