Ian Stuart Bragan

Photo of Ian Stuart Bragan
Scranton, PA
Art Institute Of Philadelphia
Food, Wine, Gastronomy
  • Ian worked for years as a sous chef in restaurants in downtown Philadelphia.
  • He also has an ever-expanding library of over 300 books on food, wine, and cocktails.
  • Ian works as a private caterer part time, organizing elaborate multi-course meals, complete with expertly paired wines.


For over 15 years Ian has pursued learning about food and wine, from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. With a firm grasp of fundamental cooking techniques and an endlessly curious and inquisitive nature, he can break down complicated topics to their fundamentals. Having taught himself extensively about wine and cocktails, he is all too aware of the complexity of the subject and is more than happy to cut through the noise and deliver some clarity. After working with food and wine professionally in many different roles over the years, he is eager to share his expertise with a wider audience.


Associate Degree, Culinary Arts; Master Wine Class Certificate - Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
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