Kathryn Schultz

Photo of Kathryn Schultz
Brooklyn, NY
University Of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Sustainability, Cooking & Baking, Urban Gardening
  • Kathryn Schultz has been writing about news and culture for blogs and publications for over nine years.
  • Her work has appeared in Vista Magazine, The Minnesota Daily, la Repubblica, and elsewhere.
  • She has a passion for learning and sharing information about incorporating sustainability and creativity into everyday living.


Kathryn has been writing about culture, news, and food since she was in high school. Her writing has been published online and in print in places like The Minnesota Daily, Magenta Florence, and Pop Culture Puke. As an avid urban gardener and aspiring homesteader, she loves spreading knowledge about simple living. Her favorite topics to explore exist where lifestyle, sustainability, and art intersect.


Kathryn received her bachelor of arts in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture from the University of Minnesota in 2018, with minors in creative writing and art.
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