Sour Patch Kids Introduce New Black Raspberry Flavor For Valentine's Day

The earliest known record that refers to Valentine's Day as a holiday dedicated to romantic love dates all the way back to 1382, according to Smithsonian Magazine. That instance was in a poem by Chaucer, wherein he recounts that "seynt Voantynes day" is when "every bird cometh to choose his mate." Today, romantic connotations are still firmly cemented in the culture of Valentine's Day. Well, that and candy. For those who would prefer to partake solely in the latter, the Sour Patch Kids brand is offering an opportunity for sweet tooths everywhere to celebrate Valentine's Day by joining its "Sour Hearts Social Club" to promote a new limited-edition flavor.

As explained in a statement sent to Mashed, the fruity new flavor, dubbed Black Raspberry Sour Hearts, is around just for Valentine's Day and aptly comes in the shape of little black hearts instead of the usual, um, kids. The gothic hue should certainly stand out amongst the pastel candy flooding the supermarket aisles this time of year, so interested fans of sour candy need not look hard to spot them. Just in case, however, Sour Patch Kids is advertising the candy by inviting people out to dinner and giving out some free swag.

How to try it for free

According to a release shared with Mashed, Sour Patch Kids will begin opening reservations on February 1 for an OpenTable Experience. It will take place at the Allis at Soho House in Chicago on Monday, February 13 between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Boasting eats and art, the Allis Bar serves various Mediterranean dishes. Its non-holiday all-day menu includes halloumi and cauliflower on pita, pizza, burgers, and wine, among other items. The Sour Patch experience is bookable for parties of one to four until reservations run out.

The diners who are able to snag a reservation will be treated to a private dinner amongst "anti-Valentine's Day décor" and a large supply of the new Sour Hearts flavor. People outside of Chicago can get in on the promotion by attempting to win a kit containing the candy along with some themed décor. That opportunity is available through the Sour Patch Kids Instagram account. The brand will reach out to the winners of the Sour Hearts Social Club kit during the week of February 6.

According to Candy Store, Sour Patch Kids already won the title of most popular Halloween candy in New York and several other states based on an analysis of 15 years of data. For Valentine's Day, however, the candy brand would have to topple over the classic heart-shaped box of chocolates to win that top spot (via Candy Store).