Michael B

Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Nutrition, Asian Cuisine, The History Of Food
  • Michael has traveled extensively across Europe and Asia, writing about food and its place in different cultures.
  • He’s interviewed and worked with celebrity chefs, nutrition specialists, and growers in search of the perfect diet.
  • With an interest in history, Michael is currently focusing on how healthier diets can save not only us but the planet we live on.


Michael has worked as a professional writer for more than 15 years, having published articles for the likes of BBC Good Food magazine, Delicious and TourHero. His fascination with food lies in uncovering the mysterious origins of traditional recipes, and how even regional cuisines have an international influence. He’s also worked extensively as a kitchenware product tester for a number of regional publications, alongside covering new tech and marketing techniques. Away from the kitchen and writing desk, Michael can usually be found in the great outdoors, hiking, cycling and learning from wildlife.


Michael earned a bachelor’s degree in Ethics & History at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. He’s since attended several courses and workshops geared towards health, wellbeing, and improving methods of communication.
Stories By Michael B