Grocery Store Sheet Cakes Ranked From Worst To Best

Great for a crowd and easy to transport, sheet cakes are a real winner when you're in need of a sumptuous and celebratory sweet treat. Although they may not boast the same wow factor as the tiered or towered variety, the right hands can still design a sheet cake that more than catches the eye.

In this age of convenience, more of us are opting for a store-bought delight when an occasion calls for a sheet cake, removing the hassle of making our own and presenting a less-than-professional result. And for an affordable cake, it's often best to pay a trip to your local grocery store rather than a specialty bakery. The only question is knowing where to begin. 

Cakes are sadly not all created equal, so our testing team took on the gargantuan task of finding the finest out there. We've considered taste, design options, and decorative skills in a bid to bring you the top grocery store sheet cakes, ranked from worst to best. 

14. Meijer

One of the top 20 most popular grocery stores in the U.S., according to YouGov, supermarket lovers have a lot to thank Meijer for. One of the pioneers of the modern everything-under-one-roof concept, Meijer has a long history of bringing technology and innovation to the forefront of the grocery shopping experience, and it's said that this smaller chain even helped inspire the creation of the supermarket behemoth we all know and love, Walmart. So how does Meijer stack up when it comes to sheet cakes?

Meijer's marble cake with vanilla buttercream certainly looks the part, and at $27.99 for quarter sheet, it's fairly competitive price-wise. The sponge is neither too firm nor too soft, and the icing also is also fairly decent. But that's its downfall. Serve a Meijer sheet cake on any occasion and it won't cause any offence. In fact, it'll go largely unnoticed, being perfectly serviceable but lacking the joie de vivre to linger long in the memory. Rank this one as reliable over desirable, and shop elsewhere if you're looking for a cake to wow.

13. Ingles Markets

Just a quick browse through Ingles Markets' sheet cake collection reveals them to be one of the go-to brands for themed edibles, perfect for kids of all ages. From cakes sporting baby booties to celebrate a newborn, to Disney's "Frozen," Mickey Mouse, Barbie designs, and so much more, they've pretty much got it covered when it comes to creating cakes to win over children. For the rest of us, they also sell a basic sheet cakes that can be tailored to one's own preferences.

Combine vanilla, chocolate, or marble sponge with either whipped icing or buttercream, and of course, a message or topper of your choosing. Ingles may not offer the myriad of customization options that some of their contemporaries do, but sometimes less is more. Starting at $25.98 for a quarter sheet cake, Ingles' cakes are good value for money. It'll tick all your boxes when nothing but cake will do, but in terms of cake and frosting flavor and texture, we were left wanting a little more. 

12. Walmart

Walmart's bakery hit the headlines in 2022, when a former employee announced to the world that the leading supermarket brand's cakes were thawed from frozen, with nothing being baked on the premises itself. Sad as it may be, such principals are not unique to Walmart, with many major grocery stores abiding by the same practice. Even freshness doesn't guarantee a fantastic cake, so this is one argument we'll leave at the door.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, America's number one grocery chain has a greater selection of sheet cakes than most. You'll find edible designs for all tastes, including Super Mario, Spiderman, and My Little Pony. But it's their triple chocolate sheet cake made with Hershey's icing that truly catches the eye of the cake connoisseur. It's a gorgeous-looking chocolate sponge and icing pairing, drizzled with both dark and white chocolate. There's no mistaking the taste of Hershey's, and the initial bite put us firmly in chocolate heaven. If this list concerned chocolate icing alone, then Walmart's would be at the top, but the whole ensemble is let down by a rather average-tasting sponge. Although there's plenty of icing to keep it moist, it's just a little too plain once the initial thrill has subsided, and so undeserving of our top 10.

11. Safeway

Safeway's 100-plus-year history has seen it grow from a single grocery store into. a national chain, pioneering some amazing innovations that we rely upon today along the way. The biggest of these is likely the self-service shopping experience. Safeway was one of the earliest grocery stores to allow their customers to browse and pick their own items, as opposed to handing a list to an in-store assistant. However, when it comes to cakes, the brand hasn't tried to reinvent the wheel, and instead have put their efforts into a selection of classic sponges that are big on moistness and flavor.

The designs are simple, and so lend themselves well to any occasion. At less than $30 for a quarter sheet, these cakes won't break the bank, either. Best of all is their red velvet cake, with its soft and tasty sponge and cream cheese icing. Taste-wise, there's little room for disappointment, and the sponge and icing are perfectly matched in both tang and sweetness. In general, Safeway's sheet cakes only fall down on its cake-to-icing ratio – there's just a little too much topping going on – but as supermarket sheet cakes go, Safeway's are certain to be crowd pleasers, especially for the folks who are only here for the frosting anyways. 

10. Albertsons

Well known as one of the U.S.'s biggest grocery stores, the Albertson's brand has been rated low in overall quality by Consumers' Checkbook. Thankfully, that's in stark contrast to their splendid range of sheet cakes. With fudge, German chocolate, and red velvet on their menu, they've got flavors covered, but it's their Signature Select ice cream cake that earned the biggest plaudits from our tasting panel.

Ice cream cakes are delightful, even if they defy logic. It doesn't start melting like an ice cream, but there is a noticeable, added-creaminess to proceedings. It's a dream come true for dairy lovers. Albertsons' version is big on the vanilla. The icing is well complemented by a velvety sponge, and at just 240 calories per serving it's much kinder on the waistline than many of its competitors. Albertsons ice cream sheet cake would warrant a higher place on our list, but it's just a little too rich to please all tastes, and those who prefer a firmer coating need to look elsewhere.

9. Food City

Food City has one of the best sheet cake selections out there, and those who want a cake built to their own specifications will find most of their needs catered for. Looking past the store's pre-built, themed cakes, it's the customization process that catches the eye. Starting at $15.99 for the smallest sheet cake, which serves 12, the larger cake you order, the better the savings — a full sheet retails for just $49.99. Add to this a wide selection of cake flavor, frosting, border options, piped flowers, and a custom message, and most cake lovers will find something to adore at Food City.

We opted for a half-white, half-chocolate cake with a whipped frosting and found it quite decent. The frosting is evenly spread and the sponge fairly fluffy, but it fails to make the taste buds sing in quite the same way that the best cakes do. For building options alone, Food City is up there with the greats, but taste-wise, everything there is to learn about these cakes can be discovered on the first bite, and beyond that, there are no surprises.

8. Publix

Beloved by Floridians far and wide, Publix has expanded its operations across America's Southeast and even has its own dairy and bakery plants in the Sunshine State. When it comes to sheet cakes, the brand wins the versatility race hands down. Alongside size, cake filling, icing, border, and trim, Publix offers a range of decorative frosting options including roses, balloons, and sunflowers, and an impressive array of coloring.

We were satisfied by the texture of Publix's sponge, which has an almost homemade quality to it. in fact, we'd say it's the kind of sponge that can be devoured even without icing, coming with a freshness that surpasses most of its rivals. The cake is only let down by its topping, which is just a tad too sugary, and overpowers the true sponge genius that can be found within. However, starting at $25.99 for quarter sheet, Publix has created a sheet cake range for all seasons, and those with a particularly sweet tooth will find little to complain about.

7. Weis Markets

When Weis Markets founder Sigmund Weis moved from Germany to New York in 1867, he brought with him a commitment to quality that still continues today. Boasting the slogan "Where Freshness Matters," Weis may not come close to the likes of Walmart when it comes to size, but its family-owned status and self-operated dairy plant sets it apart from many of its competitors. A look through the bakery aisle also reveals their cakes to be baked fresh in the stores, so we expect big things from the Weis range.

Weis Markets' marble sheet cake can be customized in terms of icing and decorations. As cakes go, the Weis version was a little rustic in appearance, and the sponge very buttery. There's a heavy cake-to-icing ratio which may put some people off, but the moistness of the cake more than makes up for this. It's not quite as good as the bites of perfection we found later on in our list, but should you ever find yourself craving some cake and have a Weis Markets close by, give them a visit.

6. WinCo

Far from being a household name to rival the likes of Kroger or Walmart, WinCo is one of the U.S.'s best kept secrets when it comes to grocery stores. With over 100 outlets spread across the Midwest all the way to California, the brand is super-competitive when it comes to pricing along with food quality, and their scrumptious sheet cakes affirm this.

WinCo does the basics very well, offering a choice of cake filling, flavor, icing, and toppings for no extra cost. Appearance-wise, it's one of the best looking cakes on the market, and at $24.98 for a half sheet, one of the best bargains you'll find. Taste-wise, WinCo has cut no corners. The sponge virtually melts in the mouth, and there's just the right amount of firmness to the icing. For a sheet cake that ticks all of your boxes and lends itself well to celebrating special occasions, you can't go wrong with WinCo.

5. Kroger

Earning the bronze medal when it comes to America's most popular grocery stores, according to YouGov, Kroger is well-known as a go-to brand for budget shoppers. Operating under the banner of being "Fresh for Everyone," Kroger was one of the early pioneers of the in-store bakery, preparing fresh goods for customers daily.  And these days you'll find a pleasing selection of ready-made baked goods, including cakes, that come with a good selection of customization options, alongside an array of themed sponges that are perfect for children's birthday cakes.

With cake flavor, icing, and frosting options available starting at $25.99 for a quarter sheet, Kroger has most tastes covered for those who like to build their own cake creations. We particularly love their Rose and Daisy sheet cake if you are looking for some inspiration. The sweet raspberry filling is an added treat in this sheet cakes, and the rose flavoring is not often seen among supermarket cake offerings. The sponge is moist and there's little jaw work required, making this a premium eating experience that would even complement champagne. It may not be a go-to cake for all occasions, but its rich rose flavor will certainly knock most taste buds into submission and leave you wanting more. This shining star along with all of Kroger's well-made, tasty sheet cakes make it one of your best options among the biggest name grocery brands in the country. 

4. Hy-Vee

Offering sheet cakes that truly screams "eat me!", Hy-Vee's glamorous designs belong in a cake emporium, let alone a chain of grocery stores. They win first prize when it comes to making versatile cakes for any occasion. Hy-Vee offers a myriad of sponge types, including the rarely-found carrot cake and even strawberry. Dig deeper and you'll find all your icing needs catered for, whether you're craving vanilla, cream cheese, or double-dutch chocolate. And you can even make additional requests, should the brand not offer your requirements as standard.

Opting for their carrot sponge with vanilla frosting, just a forkful was enough to determine that Hy-Vee's sheet cakes are a cut above most of their competitors. The sheet cakes are delicate, heartwarming, and sophisticated, echoing the kind of dessert one might expect to find in a Parisian patisserie. The frosting adds moistness but doesn't overpower the sponge with sweetness, and with options starting at $19.99, Hy-Vee has set an amazing price point for such high quality. 

3. Wegmans

The Wegmans promise is "every day you get our best," and the brand's extra loyal customer base is testament to just how seriously it takes that promise. Famed for offering ready-made food alongside an immense product selection, Wegmans offers goes above and beyond the average grocery store, so it's perhaps no surprise that it has sheet cakes covered as well. Wegmans offers a choice of vanilla, chocolate, or marble sponge, plus white or chocolate icing. It's not the biggest selection for those well-versed in cake customization, but sometimes less is more.

In Wegmans case, less is a lot more, and the sheet cakes are a dreamy delight indeed. The sponge dissolves on the tongue, and the icing has a scratch-made quality to it. The merest slice will warm your heart, soothe your soul, and allow you to face the rest of your day with added confidence and verve. A lip-smacking delight and a classy appearance to boot make Wegmans simple sheet cakes hard to beat. 

2. Hannaford

Famed for their sustainable seafood, Hannaford Supermarkets has come a long way from its horse-drawn origins. And when it comes to sheet cakes, the store only just missed out on our coveted top slot by a slice. The brand has something of a dedicated fan base when it comes to these sweet treats. Cake enthusiasts on Facebook praise Hannaford for its "talented cake decorators," noting that the store has "the best cream frosting," and "the cake is always baked perfectly, not dry at all." These are just some of the praises that Hannaford has earned for its spongy delights. And we can only concur.

Starting at $28.99 for quarter sheet, shoppers can choose from chocolate, marble, or gold sponge, paired with cream or traditional frosting. Unlike many of their competitors, however, Hannaford's offers a choice of fruity fillings for your sheet cake, including Bavarian, strawberry, and cherry. Easing a cake knife through one of these joys is akin to slicing soft butter, and the merest mouthful shows Hannaford to be in a different arena. The sponge is a charming, delicate kiss, the frosting sweet but not overpowering, and the overall taste matures with each passing bite. Consider yourself warned — Hannaford sheet cakes are utterly delicious and a glorious example of the heights that only cake can reach. We doubt one slice will be enough. 

1. Festival Foods

Rounding out our the cake sheet ranking is Festival Foods, with a delectation that wowed our testing team from beginning to end, and still lingers long in our collective memories. With just 39 stores, the Wisconsin-based grocer is a small fish when compared to other supermarket giants on our list, but its family values and commitment to quality are unrivaled. The brand has already earned praise from the "World's Greatest!..." television show for its excellent product range and price point, not to mention some of the friendliest staff you'll ever wish to meet. Thankfully, Festival Foods' sheet cakes only enhance the company's already tasty reputation.

Festival Foods' sheet cakes are made by hand from scratch, and their decorators are true professionals, even offering a scoring option so you can keep an eye on portion control. The store offers a great selection of cake flavors, icing choices, and plenty of color and decor options for any toppings you want to adorn the finished product. And when it comes to the all important taste test, there is simply no match. Imagine the fluffiest sponge, mixed by angels, then dressed in icing so deliciously smooth that you can keep going...and going. Starting at $24.99 for a quarter sheet, these cakes are a bargain, but then how does one put a price on perfection?