The Aldi Grilled Cheese Soup Instagram Needs ASAP

Everyone knows that fall is the pumpkin spice latte's time to shine, but the beloved drink is only one of a number of food items that get thrust back into the spotlight once September rolls around. Amongst all the other autumnal faves in the U.S., soup is another major staple of the season that seriously hits the spot on a chilly fall day.

There are dozens of delicious soups from around the world – not to mention a fairly wide selection just within the confines of the canned goods aisle of your local grocery store. But out of all the different versions of slurpable sustenance out there, none may be more classic than the hearty tomato soup, which tradition dictates should be served alongside a gooey grilled cheese. The soup and sammie were first paired up after World War II in places like school cafeterias as a means of creating a more well-rounded meal (via The Food Timeline). However, in addition to fulfilling the vitamin and nutrient requirements set by the government, the combo apparently satisfied many people's tastebuds, as well.

Nowadays, the nostalgic grub is a must whenever the temperature falls under 65 degrees (and sometimes even above it, as well). The components are fairly easy to whip up. However, bringing them together can often result in a hefty pile of dirty dishes, which may be one reason why the return of Aldi's unique take on the comfort meal is generating some major internet buzz.

Aldi has won many shoppers over with its grilled cheese tomato soup

Aldi shoppers always look forward to the grocer's seasonal fare, and for the last few years, a savory product has been included in its fall food lineup that combines everything good about a classic, comfort food combo into a single, slurpable meal. Making its initial debut in 2020 (via Aisle of Shame), the chain's Bremer Bistro grilled cheese tomato soup recently made its way back into Aldi stores across the country for a limited time on August 31, exciting a number of the supermarket's loyal fans. "The grilled cheese tomato soup I need!!!" Instagram user @anouarshabie commented on a post shared on the official Aldi Instagram page on September 2 alerting shoppers of the soup's return. "Had that soup last year & it was [fire emoji]" another Instagrammer shared, while a third said it is "amazing."

The frozen dish is described on its packaging as a "tomato soup topped with croutons & cheddar cheese" and simply requires either 45 minutes in the oven, or four minutes in the microwave, to become a piping hot meal (via Aldi Reviewer). It has earned some high praise over the years. However, one downfall that YouTuber Lunchtime Review pointed out in their taste test of the seasonal dish was that the croutons became soggy during the cooking process. Some may enjoy the texture, but for those that don't, making homemade croutons from a recipe could be one way to elevate the meal.