Instagram Is Collectively Screaming At Dunkin's 'Rejected' Billboards

With so many advertisements everywhere we look, businesses have their work cut out for them in terms of grabbing our attention. There's no single, easy solution, but at least where younger demographics are concerned, businesses can hop on the meme train on social media.

For instance, this past summer, McDonald's joined in on the Little Miss memes, drawing in customers with posts about the chain's diet coke and perpetually out-of-order ice cream machines. Wendy's, on the other hand, has a long history of using meme culture to roast McDonald's.

And these strategies work. According to Meero, the best marketing campaigns are "relatable to a specific audience," so an advertisement using memes can easily bring in twice as many customers. Dunkin' recently decided to try its own hand at relating to Gen Z with an Instagram post about 'rejected' billboard ideas. Naturally, all of these billboards appealed to younger customers' language and humor.

Dunkin's billboard ideas are creating a stir

Instagram couldn't stop laughing after Dunkin' posted about its 'rejected' billboards, all of which were based on Gen Z slang. The post, captioned, "Rejected but never forgotten," includes four hilarious billboard designs. These read, "This cold brew slaps," "Breakfast that's bussin'," "Highkey, best iced coffee," and "Strawberry frosted donuts? Say less."

Needless to say, all of the billboards are awesome, and fans were upset that they were rejected. One person asked, "How could you turn down 'this cold brew slaps'?" while another wrote, "They should use every single one of these."

However, a few people had critiques for Dunkin' and its future billboards. Someone explained in the comments, "Music slaps, not food. Food smacks." Others said that the slang was not Gen Z's creation, but rather that of Millennials or African American Vernacular English (AAVE). Regardless of where credit is due, these 'rejected' billboards probably got a lot of people thinking about Dunkin's donuts and coffee drinks.