Instagram Is All Hearts For Rachael Ray's Season 17 Studio Tour

You may be most familiar with Rachael Ray's classic "30 Minute Meals" if you're an avid Food Network watcher, but her syndicated daytime show, the "Rachael Ray Show," has taken the down-to-earth chef's career to new exciting highs. The last two seasons of Ray's buzzworthy show premiered with unexpected elements due to circumstances outside the chef's control.

Ray debuted season 15 by unveiling the details surrounding the loss of her home in upstate New York (via USA Today). Season 16 began in a different way, as the relatable TV personality moved the show's filming from her personal home in the Adirondack Mountains to a New York City studio where Ray worked hard to fuse the intimate at-home environment of 2020 with a bustling crew-filled studio space (per Hollywood Reporter).

The season 17 premiere of the "Rachael Ray Show" launched this past Monday, and the celebrity chef is celebrating in a big way. She teased social media followers over the summer with photos on Instagram of the Italian landscape and then sure enough last week, the "Rachael Ray Show" confirmed the two-day premiere for Season 17 in Italy. While the premiere happens in another country, the studio space in NYC is getting a revamp, and recently shared footage is making Instagrammers excited for a new season.

Instagram users can't get enough of Rachael Ray's cozy studio

Last week, before Season 17 premiered, the "Rachael Ray Show" Instagram account shared a detailed video of the new studio space for this year's filming. Viewers are shown an inviting kitchen with colorful ceramic plates, round wooden dining tables, and large comfy ivory-colored sofas adorned with plush pillows.

Instagrammers wasted no time expressing their enthusiasm. Comments on the post include "So excited for the new season!" and "It's going to be so much fun!" Two days ago, the account shared a tour of Ray's Italian home with the TV personality divulging how the property came to be one of her family's most important achievements.

In an exclusive interview at the beginning of this month, Ray admitted to ET that by inviting people into her private Italian home she strives to be "be as real as possible." If you're a longtime fan of the show then you probably know the one thing Rachael Ray hates about fame is all the glitz and glamour and she confesses that sentiment to ET as she touches on her nervousness about making food on camera without makeup in the premiere.