The One Thing Rachael Ray Hates About Fame

Rachael Ray, host of her own show, has proven herself as a culinary guru by writing cookbooks and establishing a food and lifestyle empire. She has also found ways to give back to the community through her Yum-o! nonprofit (via Food Network). While she has definitely achieved celebrity status, reaping many of the benefits that come along with fame, the successful television personality has remained remarkably grounded. 

When Forbes asked how she has been able to escape some of the pitfalls of fame while keeping her girl-next-door status, Ray explained, "It's easier to maintain ... if you live that way. I live in the middle of the North Woods in the Adirondacks. I'm very comfortable here ... I prefer nothing to my home." Ray also revealed that she has loved every job she has ever had and told the outlet, "I loved being a fountain girl; I loved being a waitress; I loved being a line cook." Ray is pretty remarkable and has really embraced her work, but there is one aspect of her fame she just can't get on board with.

Rachael Ray doesn't like the 'trappings' of fame

Rachael Ray told NPR that the glamour and "trappings" of celebrity and fame are just not her thing and she prefers just being herself. The celebrity chef said, "Every time I put high heels on and I have to go somewhere in a dress, I feel uncomfortable." Ray further explained, "I don't want people looking at my body or what I chose to wear that day. I don't care who made my shoes. I just don't. And so I can't be something that I'm not. It's the truth."

Instead, Ray says she is far more interested in the realities of life, like answering questions about ice cream or sharing funny and relatable moments. She said, "I am interested in your favorite flavor of ice cream. Other kooky, weird party skills or tricks that you know. Can you juggle? What's your favorite color? Like, stuff you would just say to somebody you're getting to know at a regular party." And that's probably why she remains one of our favorite Food Network personalities — she just keeps it honest and real.