What You Need To Know About MyPanera Week

Panera has been undergoing some pretty significant changes lately designed to improve the overall customer experience. The chain recently launched an in-app ordering system to cater to those who prefer a contactless experience. Prior to that, in 2021, the company also announced that it would be redesigning restaurants with improved customer flow in mind, and it would also debut a fresh logo and branding in line with the shop's new look and feel.

Now, Panera is taking things even further with a relaunched customer loyalty program. For businesses, this is a vital step in improving customer return rates, which is why many fast food and fast casual joints have ramped up such programs in recent years. For example, the Domino's Piece of the Pie program rewards loyal customers with free pizzas on the regular and frequently sends out deals and alerts via opt-in notifications, per Restaurant Business Online. Wendy's, Starbucks, and McDonald's have also reaped the benefits of similarly amped-up efforts as of late. And while Panera already had a whopping 45 million members in its MyPanera loyalty program last year, the chain clearly understands that there's always room for improvement. (Except as it relates to the Panera macaroni and cheese recipe. Leave that alone.)

All the details on MyPanera Week

Later this month, the fast casual chain will hold a MyPanera Week event from September 29 through October 5. Each day will offer loyalty program members only a different perk (mostly through the mobile app), according to a company press release

The event's debut coincides with National Coffee Day on Thursday, September 29. Accordingly, any new Unlimited Sip Club Subscribers will get two months free when they sign up on this date, while current members can take advantage of a $2 discount on certain coffee beverages and smoothies. On September 30, loyalty members can claim a free delivery offer; on October 1, users can redeem a free baguette with any in-app purchase; and the next day, they'll get a discount of $2 off the chain's broccoli cheddar soup. 

The next three days of the festivities include deals on gift cards and Panera Grocery products, as well as a "special gift" from a partner. This all culminates on Thursday, October 6, when MyPanera Rewards members will start to have a say in their accumulated rewards options. "Rather than a transactional points system, members are rewarded based on frequency of visits, spend, and their individual purchases and preferences," as Panera explains its approach to its new rewards program.