The Returning Cinnamon Bun Spread That Has Trader Joe's Fans Excited

High temperatures around the country may be causing some people to resist the transition to autumn, but that's not stopping Trader Joe's from celebrating the new season by rolling out old and new fall-inspired products. A few clicks on Trader Joe's website brings you to the limited-time pumpkin cheesecake croissants, which are listed in products under the "What's New?" headline.

If that's not enough to spark your interest, perusing various outlets on social media should do the trick. TikTok users are receiving thousands of views over their autumn-inspired hauls at the niche supermarket. There is even a mega-thread on Reddit with a running list of all the fall-friendly products that people have seen at their local Trader Joe's so far this month and the most surprising part? The list already has lots of autumnal items showcasing the signature flavors of pumpkin and maple and it's not even October.

With so many items available, some Trader Joe's fall favorites rank higher than others. One quick look at the infamous account @traderjoeslist on Instagram may give you a better idea of which items are worth trying. With close to 1 million followers, the user not only conducts weekly polls on some of the most popular seasonal items, but is also constantly posting about new finds at the specialty grocer (per Instagram). The Instagrammer recently shared the return of a longtime favorite that is sparking so much excitement among fall lovers.

Trader Joe's cinnamon bun spread is back

With all things fall gracing the store's shelves, knowing how far people drive to shop at Trader Joe's may be understandable to avid shoppers. @traderjoeslist posted the return of the store-brand cinnamon bun spread on Instagram and TJ's regulars couldn't hold back their happiness while also sharing how they love to use the product with fellow shoppers.

At $3.99 per jar, most users love having a scoop in their morning coffee, while others enjoy drizzling the spread on apples. One Instagrammer suggests using the product "as a filling for pumpkin or banana muffins" while another claims toast with cream cheese and a slather of this spread is truly "life changing."

One user on Reddit makes it clear that with honey as the first listed ingredient, the taste can be "overwhelming" if honey's not your thing. Another TJ's shopper on Instagram claims the spread is "nasty" and unfortunately, others had a similar opinion of the product in a Reddit thread two years ago.

Yet, this year most of the responses have been positive about the product's return with one person replying to the @traderjoeslist post with "my favorite way to eat this is with a spoon." If you've been eager to try Trader Joe's cinnamon bun spread, act fast. One Redditor stated that the product is up for a potential recall due to the visible separation of oil within jars and said, "Grab them while you can."