22 Boozy Canned Drinks That Scream Fall

An earlier version of this article advised not shaking the Golden Rule Espresso Martini, however, a shake is recommended. Updated 9/27/2022. 

Even though pool parties and backyard barbecues must come to an end with the summer season, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy festive canned cocktails all year round. Sure, the warm season is marked by bright, fresh flavors such as watermelon and pineapple. Luckily, there are so many different canned cocktails and seltzers on the market that have a range of flavors fit for all year round. It doesn't mean that you have to give up your passionfruit-flavored White Claw or canned Paloma. However, it's good to have options that fit the season we're in so that the spooky vibes span from your Halloween decor all the way down to the boozy cans that you stock in your refrigerator. 

Sure, there are apple seltzers and canned vodka cranberry sodas, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The ready-to-drink cocktail category has more options than ever that echo fall flavors better than you might have ever imagined. To give you some inspiration, we rounded up 22 different boozy canned drinks with flavors that scream fall. Whether you're just looking for a new favorite or are trying to find the perfect drinks to supply at your Halloween party, this list probably has something for you. 

1. High Noon Pear

High Noons might be the unofficial drink of summer, but the brand just realized a limited edition Tailgate Pack with two new flavors that are perfect for transitioning into fall. One of the new cans features a pear flavor that is light and refreshing like the fruit, and a nice change of pace from all of the apple-flavored items we get bombarded with in the fall. 

High Noon does add a hint of apple juice in the can for good measure, but it's undeniably full of the subtle juicy flavor of a pear. The tailgate pack also comes with a new cranberry flavor that seems like it almost should have existed already from the brand, but the pear can is the real unique option in the pack that is worth snagging and trying at least once. Out of the two new flavors, Best Tasting Spirits review ranked the pear flavor much higher than the cranberry option. 

2. Golden Rule Espresso Martini

Golden Rule Spirits is known for making tiny canned cocktails that aren't skimpy on flavor (or alcohol content). The latest option in its lineup is a 100 mL canned espresso martini that requires no professional bar equipment to enjoy the cocktail's expertly crafted flavor. It packs a whopping 24% ABV per can, but it doesn't taste like straight-up vodka. Rather, it tastes like a freshly shaken cocktail you might order from a fancy lounge or bar. 

The liquor inside of Golden Rule's espresso martini is blended with Equator espresso, cinnamon, vanilla liqueur, and chicory root which results in a flavor that will warm you up from the inside out. It's a bar-quality drink that takes out all of the prep work and is packaged in an Instagram-worthy tiny can hiding a lot of booze inside. "The collab you never knew you needed," one fan of the brand wrote on Golden Rule's Instagram page. 

3. Goslings Rum Dark 'n Stormy

For the rum lovers, Goslings created a canned version of the classic Dark 'n Stormy cocktail that channels the fall vibes a bit more than most other canned rum drinks that sway more tropical. The brand blends their Black Seal rum with ginger beer for a spicy ready-to-drink can that contains 7% ABV apiece. The drink has the same vibe as a Moscow mule, which is a cozy drink thanks to the ginger beer inside, but with even more peppery flavors from the rum. 

It contains real rum rather than alcohol derived from malt or cane sugar, which is a draw for some people when deciding between different boozy cans. "If I didn't open the can myself, I wouldn't have known that's where it came from. It tastes just like I mixed it myself," one Drizly customer wrote in a review of Goslings Dark 'n Stormy can. 

4. HaiBall

Many canned drinks have a lot of flavors going on inside, but HaiBall keeps it simple by offering a ready-to-drink whiskey and soda cocktail in a can. HaiBall stands out for not only being one of the few ready-to-drink cocktail options for whiskey lovers, but also for its clean taste and simple recipe. The distillers use a carefully crafted blend of Japanese, American, and Scottish whiskies in HaiBall to create an intense depth of flavor that relies on the spirit and not much else. HaiBall has just the right amount of bubbles to keep it light and refreshing without being overwhelming, resulting in a smooth and refreshing RTD can that is perfect for fall activities or really any time of the year. "Really loving this, it's subtle so expect more LaCroix than cocktail," one Flaviar user wrote in a review of HaiBall. "Easy intro to whiskey for the gentler palates." 

5. NÜTRL Cranberry Apple

NUTRL vodka seltzer is a straight-up mix of fruit juice and vodka that previously featured a basic lineup of flavors that screamed summer, with the brand even debuting a line of just different lemonade flavors. That is, until the company recently released a cranberry flavor variety pack that is meant to be cracked open the second that the air gets a slight chill and we all start pulling out our sweaters. 

The pack includes a classic cranberry, cranberry orange, cranberry grapefruit, and the extra festival cranberry apple that screams autumn and beyond. Multiple people commented on NUTRL's Instagram page that out of the cranberry pack, cranberry apple was their favorite by far. The tart cranberry flavor is made sweet with the subtle apple flavor, and it's easy to forget that there's actually vodka in a can of NUTRL because it tastes like bubbly juice rather than an alcoholic beverage. 

6. 503 La Vida Mocha

It'd be a shame to make a list of ready-to-drink cans for fall and not include 503 Distilling's La Vida Mocha, one of the few cans that can be served hot to really warm you up on a cold day. The distillery takes its house-distilled rum infused with cinnamon and adds it to Riff cold brew coffee and Holy Kakow Mexican chocolate. 

Each can contains 12% ABV so it's closer to a cocktail than your average spiked seltzer. In fact, when you pour La Vida Mocha out of the can and into a glass, someone could easily mistake it for a craft cocktail or coffee drink rather than an RTD offering. This is sweet, strong, and slightly spicy, just like the best desserts that we enjoy during the autumnal season. "This latest release is my new favorite. Really hits the spot on a cold day," one customer wrote in a Facebook review of La Vida Mocha. 

7. Faux Pas Pear Vodka Mule

Faux Pas is a brightly-colored line of canned cocktails that includes options with either tequila or vodka depending on your preference and whatever mood you're feeling. However, the flavor from the line up of cans that gives off the most fall vibes has to be the Bartlett Pear Vodka Mule. It has hints of ginger to bring that spicy warm element to the cocktail, but with the taste of juicy pears for freshness and added fruity flavor. 

A can contains 8% ABV so it rivals a real Moscow Mule, however, it's a stand-out option thanks to the infusion of pear juice that isn't as common of an ingredient. "This is the perfect cocktail in every way. Great for day drinking, night drinking, or just drinking. Super light and a nice buzz after a few," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review of the flavor. 

8. Madre Desert Water with mushroom, sage, and honey

It seems like any agave-derived spirits containing tequila and/or mezcal have a reputation of being drinks that are only meant to be enjoyed in hot summer weather. Madre Mezcal, however, is proving otherwise with the earthy flavors that don't rely on the typical sweet fruity flavors and will help you further explore the complexities of mezcal

One particular flavor that is perfect for fall is the Desert Water made with mushroom, sage, and honey. It might sound like a strange combination at first glance, but the balance of flavors paired with the smokey mezcal is complex and worth exploring. The sage adds an herbal element that pairs well with the umami from the Reishi and Chaga mushrooms that is complimented with just a touch of sweetness from the honey. "It's the best of the best," one fan of Desert Water wrote on Instagram

9. SanTan Ginger Punk

If you can't already tell, when fall comes around, we're cracking open all of the cans bursting with bright ginger flavor. Sure, there are almost too many kinds of Moscow Mules in a can to count, let alone shout out on this list, but SanTan Spirits does things a little differently with their Ginger Punk whiskey soda in a can. The can features a blend of malt whiskey and vodka, ginger beer, and plenty of vanilla for good measure. One can has 7% ABV per serving, and it's a great option for people who are interested in whiskey but are far from ready to drink it straight up on the rocks. The ginger and vanilla make it seem like you're biting into a freshly baked cookie, even though it's an icy alcoholic beverage. "This is my favorite," one Ginger Punk fan wrote in a review on SanTan Spirits Instagram page. 

10. You and Yours Distilling Blood Orange Gin and Tonic

You and Yours Distilling has an impressive line of RTD cans that ranges from traditional, like a vodka mule, to more innovative, like a key lime vodka soda. The most festive option that also is one of the rare cans featuring gin as the staple booze inside is the brand's blood orange gin and tonic can. The 7.5% ABV can contains Sunday London Dry Gin that is vapor-distilled with juniper berries, spruce, blood orange peel, pink peppercorns, clove, and orris root. Then, that boozy mixture is added to blood orange-scented tonic water with a hint of lime to really amp up the citrus flavor inside. 

The gin adds an earthy warmth that cannot be achieved by vodka, and the blood orange and spices blend almost too well.  "Absolutely love this drink," one Craftshack customer wrote in a review. "Not too sweet, not too bubbly, just perfect!" 

11. Greenbar Whiskey and Soda

Another solid option for the non-vodka drinkers is Greenbar Distillery's line of canned highball cocktails that have bases with gin, rum, and whiskey. Out of the three flavors from the brand, the single malt whiskey and soda option contains flavors that seem to best-compliment the flavors of fall. The 7% ABV highball contains American single malt whiskey, soda water, and hints of botanicals like apple, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, rose hip, clove, cumin, lemon, orris, fennel, and coriander. 

The list might sound more like the ingredients for a tasty pie or hearty stew than they do the ingredients of a canned cocktail, but the added attention to detail in flavors translates well into this simple yet well-executed can. "Absolutely LOVE this one!!... Only second to the Rum+Cola. You guys are doing great things," one fan of the canned whiskey and soda highball wrote on Greenbar Distillery's Instagram page. 

12. Ysidro

Hard liquor isn't for everyone, so Ysidro is a canned sake spritz with light flavors of grapefruit and sea salt perfect for any time of the year. It's still pretty boozy at 6.9%, but contains savory and bright flavors of salt and citrus that add a lot to the traditional taste of sake. The can design definitely screams summer more than fall, but something about the combination of slightly sweet sake and salty grapefruit makes it feel like a drink fit for the transitional period while the seasons are changing. 

Essentially, Ysidro is a reliable staple to keep in your fridge that hits the spot regardless of what the weather outside is like, especially if you're looking for more ways to drink sake on a regular basis. "I'm not usually a sake drinker, but Ysidro is so delicious and easy to drink," one customer wrote in a review on Ysirdro's website of the one-of-a-kind can. 

13. Two Chicks Sparkling Apple Gimlet

Another great autumnal option for those of us who love gin is Two Chicks Sparkling Apple Gimlet RTD cocktail. It's a bit lower proof, with a can containing 5% ABV, but that definitely doesn't mean it's lacking in the flavor department. 

The bubbly drink contains flavors of not just tart and juicy apples, but also cucumber and lime to hone in on the bright freshness that the can is going for. The light-flavored fruit additions help enhance the flavor of the apple, which is a pleasant pairing with gin. The gin itself has hints of vanilla and herbs so it isn't overly fruit-forward. The taste almost resembles fresh picked green apple slices dipped in warm caramel sauce, and what is something that screams "fall" more than that snack? "Love this, super simple and fresh," one fan of the apple-flavored gimlet wrote on Two Chicks Instagram page.

14. 1220 Spirits Vanilla Cold Brew

1220 Spirits' latest release is a must-try for not only those of us ready to embrace fall in full-force, but also those who can't get enough coffee in their lives with their morning cup of joe. The brand released a Vanilla Cold Brew RTD can that contains 5.5% alcohol and enough cold brew to put a pep in your step. 1220 Spirits collaborated with fellow St. Louis brand Sump Coffee to incorporate its cold brew into this can. The company added vanilla, chocolate, and a hint of blueberry with vodka to complete this well-rounded drink. 

The blueberry flavor adds a depth to the coffee, but the vanilla and chocolate add a sweetness that make it feel more like a cocktail than just a canned cold brew. There aren't a lot of online reviews as of September 2022 to help indicate how customers are feeling about the new flavor, but 1220 seems to do no wrong in the canned cocktail space. "The best," one fan of the company wrote on 1220 Spirits Instagram page. 

15. Dogfish Head Blueberry Shrub Vodka Soda

Dogfish Head Distilling created a line of canned cocktails that scream summer, except for the Blueberry Shrub Vodka Soda which tastes like a slice of warm blueberry pie on a chilly September day. At Dogfish Head, the brand first distills its vodka with blueberries to amp up the berry flavor. Then it's mixed with a bit of sweetened balsamic and red wine vinegar to add an acidic element before it's mixed with soda water to dilute it out. 

The 7% ABV can pours a deep purple color that might be a hue you'd pick to wear on a warm sweater or on your autumn-inspired nails. "Has a nice blueberry flavor that has more sweetness and body than a normal seltzer, but is not too sweet or filling," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review. "I found this soda to be flavorful and refreshing... very easy to drink."

16. Cool Cat Wine Spritzer with elderflower, mint, and lime

Another great option for wine drinkers is Cool Cat's line of wine spritzers that are a nice bubbly change from the classic glass of vino straight-up. The original flavor of Cool Cat contains notes of elderflower, mint, and lime, which makes it almost resemble the sparkling and cold version of an herbal tea with a lot of botanical elements inside. 

Cool Cat contains 6.9% ABV thanks to the use of California white wine in these cans, and there are a few fruity flavors like berry and citrus if the simple option isn't in your preferred flavor palate. However, the original is the most fall-flavored option of the fruity line-up, so it's worth trying out at least once in celebration of the season. "So good, everyone needs to try it.. amazing," one Cool Cat fan wrote in a review on the brand's Instagram page. 

17. Cutwater Spicy Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary in a can sounds like a recipe for disaster, but Cutwater Spirits proves there is no cocktail it won't perfect and turn into a RTD option. A must-try for tailgates and fall bonfires is the brand's Spicy Bloody Mary, if you can handle the kick. 

One can has a whopping 10% ABV so the booze is strong with this one, but it doesn't overwhelm the flavor. Cutwater uses its own signature vodka and Blood Mary mix, which includes tomatoes, spices, and plenty of peppers for spice. It has all the ingredients you're looking for in a Bloody Mary — Horseradish, cayenne pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and a little lemon juice. All that's missing is the garnish, but Cutwater's can is so good that you won't even notice. "I can't remember a Bloody Mary any better than this one. It has just the right spices to complement the vodka and just the right heat – not too hot but just right," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review. 

18. Livewire Rocket Queen

Rocket Queen is one of the few tropical drink that's meant to be enjoyed in a dive bar rather than at a poolside cabana. Well, the folks at LiveWire Cocktails probably don't care where you enjoy the carefully crafted beverage, but Rocket Queen has an edge to it that makes it seem more of a Halloween cocktail than a summer tiki drink. 

It all starts with a base of Magdalena rum. Then, the distiller adds red pomelo, cinnamon, pandan, and absinthe for a spicy, acidic, and herbal 7.5% ABV drink that is loaded with layers of intense depth. Honestly, every sip of Rocket Queen unveils a previously-undetected flavor, which is half the fun of sipping on one, and the other half is looking at the spooky can design while you're holding it. "Hands down the most [fire] rtd I've had to date! Well-deserved," one fan wrote on LiveWire's Instagram page. 

19. VIDE Cranberry

Back to the vodka options, if you're looking to enjoy a vodka soda with cranberry without all the work of mixing one up yourself, VIDE's cans are the way to go. VIDE RTD sodas are noticeably crisp and bubbly when compared to other similar cans in the liquor store. The brand uses six times distilled vodka to make it super smooth, and adds a bit of cranberry bite for the burst of festive flavor. 

It's a far cry from the overly sugary stuff you might find with other similar RTD cans that may not even use real vodka, but VIDE still has a pleasantly natural cranberry flavor that makes you feel like getting ready for the holiday season regardless of what month you're drinking it in. "Bar far the best-spiked vodka drink on the market. I will be buying more," one VIDE customer wrote in a review on Drizly's website. 

20. Social Hour Harvest Whiskey Sour

Social Hour Cocktails teamed up with George Dickel distillery to feature a festive fall RTD featuring the whiskey brand's 13-Year-Old Tennessee Bottled-In-Bond Whiskey that is the epitome of autumn. To take it up a notch, Social Hour's Harvest Whiskey Sour adds in the flavors of honey crisp apples, Meyer lemon, cinnamon, maple, and cardamom to the strong whiskey base, so it basically tastes like a boozy apple pie but somehow, still even better. 

Speaking of booze, one can of Harvest Whiskey Sour contains a whopping 20% ABV, so be warned that just one can will likely have you feeling tipsy. "These canned cocktails had me skeptical, but after trying them, they're going to become our new Prospect Park and party go-to," one Drink PLG customer wrote in a review of the can. "Tart, refreshing, none of the cloying issues of some other pre-mixed whiskey sours." 

21. Chido Pumpkin Spice Latte

Once we cross over the threshold of Labor Day, pumpkin spice lattes are the unofficial drink of the fall season. They're an inescapable fact of fall, whether you're enjoying the classic coffee latte or another product flavored inspired by the festive drink. Chido decided to shock the world by creating a canned cocktail version of a pumpkin spice latte that is spiked with tequila, of all spirits, that might sway even the strongest pumpkin spice critics. 

It's totally fair to be skeptical of Chido's uniquely flavored tequila can, but it's one of those drinks you have to try to really understand why it was created in the first place. The 5% ABV drink contains a blend of blanco tequila, 100% Arabica coffee, and pumpkin spice so it really isn't anything too fancy, just innovative. "All the flavors are great," one Chido fan wrote on the brand's Facebook page. 

22. Cape Cod'r Perfect Storm

Even a Nor'easter storm can't brighten the light of the Perfect Storm canned cocktail from Cape Cod'r, which channels the autumn vibes despite the company's beachy branding and can design. The drink has a base of clear white rum, and it is another ginger-heavy option that is a perfect drink for transitioning from summer to fall. 

Aside from white rum and ginger, this 4.5% ABV can contains a hint of lime juice to brighten it up and allow the simple ingredients to shine through. It's one of the options on the list with the lightest amounts of alcohol, making it an easy sipper when you aren't looking to feel a buzz after cracking open just one single can. "Had for the first time this week on Nantucket and I am obsessed!! So good," one fan of the Perfect Storm flavor wrote on Cape Cod'r's Instagram page.