20 Boozy Teas In A Can You Need To Try

Thanks to the explosion of craft ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktails, the world of boozy tea that balances alcohol with flavor has expanded beyond the tall cans of Twisted Tea you see at gas stations. Craft hard tea is a booming business, with so many flavors and variations on the market for tea enthusiasts to try that range from mild to significantly boozy. The hard tea category is expected to double in volume by 2025, according to Forbes, which means there will likely only continue to be more options for hard tea drinkers to seek out. 

Hard tea gets a bad rap for being overly sugary and full of artificial-tasting flavors that don't hold a candle to the homemade stuff you steep at home. However, thanks to the booming craft hard tea business, specialty brands like Owl's Brew Boozy Tea and LoverBoy are proving that boozy tea can be just as refreshing as the other RTD cans on the market (via BevAlc Insights). 

If the world of boozy tea is new to you, we've decided to round up of the best hard teas in a can that you must try at least once. It might be just the natural-tasting revamp that your regular cocktail hour needs. 

Owl's Brew Boozy White Tea & Watermelon

Owl's Brew Boozy Tea has got the name down, and the cans of tea are infused with natural flavors. The female-founded company sells variety packs of their hard tea cans, each containing 4.8% alcohol by volume (ABV). One of the stand-out flavors is infused with organic white tea, raspberry, and watermelon juice. It's bright and acidic while still letting the pure herbal tea shine through. Cans contain 100 calories apiece. The mixed pack with this flavor also includes cans of jasmine, blueberry, and lemon as well as matcha, chamomile, and pineapple. 

Owl's Brew Boozy Tea is a good option if you prefer drinks that taste like they don't have alcohol in them — it tastes like a perfect can of iced tea. "It is a delicious treat and perfect for an after-work drink during the week or a refreshing day-drink on the weekend," one Taprm user, Maisie, wrote in a review of the flavor. 

Straightaway Cocktails White Tea Vodka Soda

Straightaway Cocktails teamed up with a fellow Portland, Oregon local Smith Tea to create a line of RTD cans infused with organic tea. A must-try flavor is the White Tea Vodka Soda, which contains Bai Mu Dan tea, yuzu, pear, and sage. It's vegetal and herbaceous, but the pear and yuzu keep it slightly fruity and dynamic. "These are so dang good! The white tea vodka soda is my drink of the season," one fan of the drink, Michaela Maldonado, wrote on Instagram.

Straightaway's can contains 6% ABV and the company advertises that each can makes two drinks each. However, if it's been chilled, it's not hard to finish an entire can before it reaches room temperature. A can also contains just 80 calories and 0 grams of sugar, so it might not be the best pick if you are looking for something on the sweeter side. It's a grown-up drink that's pleasantly complex, but it's good to be prepared for what you're getting into when you crack open a can. 

Fishers Island Lemonade Spiked Tea

Fishers Island Lemonade is a popular spiked lemonade canned cocktail, but the brand also sells a half-and-half blend of lemonade and spiked tea worth seeking out. The spiked tea blend contains vodka and whiskey spiked lemonade that Fishers is known for, with a bit of fresh-brewed black tea mixed in for flavor. It's one of the sweeter (and stronger) cans on the list, containing 7% ABV. FIL has been canning its signature spiked lemonade since 2014, but the hard tea flavor was introduced in 2021 alongside the Pink Flamingo and Fizz varieties. 

Fishers Island tea contains real spirits rather than alcohol derived from cane sugar, which is a major plus if malt liquor gives you a headache. A review on Drink Hacker points out that compared to some of Fisher Island Lemonade's other offerings, the alcohol is a little more potent, but it isn't too overwhelming. "My favorite drink by the pool," one customer, ian_johnese, wrote in a review on Fishers Island Lemonade's Instagram page. 

Tea West Mint to be Strawberry

Berry-flavored anything is usually a go-to in RTD canned cocktails, and Tea West's Mint to be Strawberry proves that the fruit goes well with boozy tea as well. It's a sugar-free option that's a product of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. under the banner of the Chico Fermentation Project. The flavor inside every can is a perfect balance of fruity sweetness with a cool mint finish. It's middle-of-the-road on booze, containing 5% ABV per can, making it similar to a craft beer or a White Claw hard seltzer. 

Thanks to its lightness, it's almost too easy to crush a few cans of Tea West in one sitting. "Tastes just like tea, I could destroy a bunch of these working around the house," one Untappd user wrote in a review. It's notable to point out that Mint to be Strawberry is only available in the Tea West variety pack, so you'll just have to try all of the flavors if this can is calling your name. 

Loyal 9 Lemonade and Iced Tea

If you're looking for a boozy tea with an emphasis on the booze, Loyal 9's Lemonade and Iced Tea can is an absolute must-try. The brand was founded by Rhode Island's Sons of Liberty Spirits Company in 2018. Similar to Fishers Island Lemonade, Loyal 9 is known for its RTD vodka-spiked lemonade cans in various flavors perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot summer day. For those who are obsessed with all things iced tea, Loyal 9 created a half and half can worth seeking out. 

Loyal 9's Lemonade and Iced Tea cans contain a whopping 9% ABV, but the real lemons, lack of carbonation, and deep black tea flavor make it surprisingly drinkable. "If you love Arnold Palmers these are a must to kick it up a notch," one Drizly customer, Al, wrote in a review of Loyal 9. "The 9% has never been so smooth." 

Loverboy Hibiscus Lime

LoverBoy probably is familiar if you're someone who is a fan of Bravo TV, as it was created by "Summer House" stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula. Even if reality TV is a mystery to you, LoverBoy is still one of the best hard teas on the market. The Hibiscus Lime flavor has a hint of pomegranate, a lot of hibiscus tea, and a little acid hit from the lime juice. It contains just 90 calories, no sugar, and just 2 carbs, so it's also a health-conscious pick. It is also lighter on the booze with 4.2% ABV, but the LoverBoy team recommends adding tequila or vodka if you want to turn it up a notch. 

Some Total Wine customers didn't hesitate to name Hibiscus Lime as their favorite LoverBoy flavor. "These are so extremely refreshing during the summer/when it's hot. I drink them year round they are that good," one review by RyLPadgt reads. "I will always keep a stock of Loverboys. I don't feel guilty drinking these either!"

Two Chicks Sparkling Vodka CuTea

Another vodka-based boozy tea comes from the female-founded Two Chicks line of RTD cocktails, most of which contain a solid 5% ABV each. The Sparkling Vodka CuTea is a crisp blend of vodka, peach, cucumber tea, and thyme in one Instagram-worthy can with a flavor that rivals its chic look. Sparkling Vodka CuTea is a nice balance of fruit, earthiness, spice, and acid in a can with just 150 calories. It is another boozy tea option for those with more refined flavor palates; it's not the can to buy if you're looking for something with a traditional iced tea flavor. 

There are plenty of other flavored canned cocktails from the brand, including a Sparkling Apple Gimlet and a Sparkling Paloma, but Two Chicks only sells one RTD featuring hard tea as of August 2022. "This drink is insanely tasty, I'm very excited to try the other flavors they have to offer, worth the money," one Drizly customer, Angeline, wrote in a review. 

Narragansett Del's Rhode Island Hard Tea

No New England summer is complete without enjoying at least one treat from Del's Frozen Lemonade, a family company that first opened up shop in Cranston, Rhode Island during the 1940s. These days, there's a grown-up way to enjoy the tradition. Del's teamed up with Narragansett Beer to create Rhode Island Hard Tea, a half and half blend of lemonade and iced tea with just the right amount of booze. It comes in a bright yellow can that just looks like something you're supposed to be drinking near a body of water. It packs just the right punch with 5% ABV. 

One Reddit user, U/ChazzleMcRazzle, remarked that they were nervous to try Narragansett Del's Hard Tea. They had only tried Twisted Tea in the past and felt left unsatisfied by the experience, but "I have to say this Del's Tea is pretty good and worth a try."

LIIT Hard Tea Mango

Peach iced tea may be pretty common, both with booze and without, but don't underestimate the power of an expertly-executed mango iced tea like Blue Point Brewing's LIIT Hard Tea Mango. The Long Island brewery has been around since the late 1990s, but more recently began to expand into the world of boozy teas in a can. 

Blue Point has a few flavors available on the market, including lemon and raspberry lime, but the mango and green tea flavor is the stand-out of the bunch. It's pleasant-tasting — especially the tropical hit from the mango, which tastes anything but artificial — and seems meant for warm weather drinking. The light green tea mellows out the sharpness of the fruit and makes you immediately ready for another sip after you swallow the first. "Light and refreshing. Good mango aroma in the start. Some sweetness in the beginning and it smooths out towards the finish," one Untappd user wrote in a review. 

Bully Boy Italian Iced Tea

Bully Boy's Italian Iced Tea is perhaps the most acquired taste on the entire list, but some people cannot get enough of this one-of-a-kind RTD tea. It is a combination of black tea, orange, lemon, and Amaro liqueur, and Bully Boy Distilleries in Boston recommends adding a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint before serving to get the full experience. However, chugging a cold Italian Iced Tea right out of the can without any extra accoutrements is quite a satisfying experience. The company site suggests you pair it with a game of bocce.

This can is a bit more potent, containing 7% ABV, and has a deep flavor that balances bitter and tart flavors. "These are the first canned drinks that exceeded my expectations. Really, really good! Slight peppery type flavor, love them," one customer, Wedgylx, wrote in a review on Bully Boy's Instagram. 

Cisco Hard Tea Atlantic Orange

Cisco Brewers from Nantucket is another New England-based brand with a knack for creating tasty hard tea. The company sells a variety pack for hard tea lovers with four must-try flavors — Island Lemon, Atlantic Orange, Wild Blueberry, and Surfside Peach. In order to try them out, you have to buy the entire pack. Don't let the case run out of the Atlantic Orange flavor before you snag one. 

Orange iced tea isn't as common as some of Cisco Brewers' other flavors, but it's the epitome of summer in a can. Lemon is often served with iced tea, but this brand pleads a good case as to why this citrus fruit should be a more popular pairing with tea. Each of these hard teas contain 5% ABV, 130 calories, and 5 grams of sugar per serving. "Nice and refreshing," one Untappd user wrote in a review of the orange hard tea flavor.

Vervet Tiki Tea

Those who always order drinks off the cocktail menu that come served in tiki glasses and adorned with little umbrellas must try Vervet Tiki Tea. It's definitely on the boozy side, containing 7% ABV per can, and is recommended for those who enjoy drinking margaritas and Moscow mules. This hard tea contains prickly pear vodka, fresh lime juice, oolong tea, ginger, and other spices for a light, yet vibrant beverage. Additionally, instead of using chemical preservatives, this women and minority-owned company prides itself on using a plant-based mushroom stabilizer in their hard teas. 

Vervet asked its followers on Instagram to pick one can from their lineup to take with them on a deserted island, and Tiki Tea was a popular answer. "It's not bad for a nice summer afternoon drink," a user wrote on Reddit. The name of the brand is inspired by a playful monkey that has a habit of stealing delicious drinks from people, so the tropical vibes run deep.

Freed Earth Green Tea with Honey

While it's always nice to be given a variety of flavor options, sometimes you are just craving the basics, like a classic green tea with a little honey. Freed Earth Hard Tea in Calgary, Canada has created a boozy version that epitomizes everything that makes the drink so timeless. The brand uses green tea extract, vodka, cane sugar, and honey to make a 4.5% ABV version that is refreshing and herbal. The honey adds just the right amount of sweetness to keep you going back for more, but not too much that it overpowers the natural green tea flavor. 

The company uses triple-distilled vodka and sustainably sourced tea in their cans, which results in a drink with 100 calories and 3 grams of sugar. "Man do I love these," one satisfied customer, @robynleehairguru, wrote on Freed Earth's Instagram page about the green tea flavor.

White Peaks Hard Steeped Black Tea with Wild Saskatoon Blueberry

Blueberry and tea are two complementary flavors — both on the mild side, they often taste even better when they are combined together. A good example of this tasty pairing is White Peaks Hard Steeped Black Tea with Wild Saskatoon Blueberry. This tea is steeped with pure glacial water from the Rocky Mountains to bring out the natural flavor of the herbs, giving the RTD a solid tea foundation to start with. Then the company adds natural fruit flavors and real vodka to create a can with 5% ABV and 130 calories. 

An iced cold can of White Peaks is insanely crushable and refreshing any time of the year. "It's not overly sweet, non carbonated, and no after taste [sic]. The fact that it's local makes it even better," one customer, Tania Bayne, wrote in a Facebook review of White Peaks's blueberry hard tea flavor.

Vrai Green Tea

Vrai Green Tea has a draw of simplicity, from its minimalist can design to its clear green tea taste with no artificial flavors. Vrai is far from boring, though, and it's worth purchasing a case if you are someone who can drink tea all day, starting with your morning matcha latte and ending in the wee hours of the night at a bar with a can of Vrai. It's another basic staple that you won't ever get sick of, even if other flavors of tea go in and out of fashion when it comes to your drinking habits. 

The company uses reverse osmosis water, organic vodka, and a bit of sugar to capture this flavor. The cans contain no high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, colorings, or caffeine, so you can down a few Vrai Green Teas without worrying about staying up all night. "​​Amazing! Great tea flavor, it is super crisp and refreshing, can't even taste alcohol," one customer wrote in a review on Vrai's Facebook page. 

Jiant Blood Orange Grapefruit Hard Tea

Jiant has an extensive line of hard kombuchas and boozy teas to try out, including the zesty blood orange grapefruit flavor. This can is a bright explosion of citrus, with a bit of sweetness (thanks to cane sugar), that contains 5% ABV and 100 calories. If it's too hard for you to pick just one option to try, Jiant also sells a hard tea variety pack that includes cans of the mango lime and raspberry mint flavors.

Reviews on Untappd of Jiant's Blood Orange Grapefruit tea point out its balance of floral, citrus, and herbal tea notes. "I liked this flavor best but I'm also biased since I gravitate towards blood orange," one user wrote in a review. It's another can that makes a good case as to why more brands should be including orange (and blood orange) flavors in their boozy iced tea.

Crook and Marker Spiked Iced Tea

Sometimes, you just have a craving for a classic-tasting iced tea that is cold and perfectly steeped without any of the added nonsense. When that happens, Crook and Marker's perfectly executed Spiked Iced Tea cans are nice options to reach for. These cans aren't a sparkling option if you're sick of the seltzer craze, but each RTD contains light tea with a hint of lemon and vodka for a straight-up tasty drink. 

This can has no sugar, 100 calories per serving, and contains a solid 5% ABV. It's one you can't go wrong with because it's such a crowd-pleasing basic, and its simple ingredients might help you avoid a head-pounding hangover the next day. "This tea is the absolute best," one Influenster user, Casey H., wrote in a review of Crook and Marker's Iced Tea. "There is nothing else that can compare to how good this is."

Hoop Tea Pineapple Passionfruit

Another tropical option featuring white tea, pineapple, and passionfruit comes from Hoop Tea, which is owned by the massive Anheuser-Busch brand. This can contains 5% ABV and real cane sugar, resulting in a sweet iced tea that is meant to be cracked open at the beach. It's definitely less subtle and more full-flavored than some of the other teas, which means that it's best served iced cold. 

Many customers wrote in reviews of Hoop Tea on Facebook that Pineapple Passionfruit was their favorite flavor out of all the cans. "I love HoopTea! it's the only one that tastes like real tea," one Facebook reviewer, Jody Renney, wrote. Hoop Tea also sells some of its flavors in pouches, like White Mango and Peach Tea Lemonade, so that it's even easier for you to throw a boozy iced tea party without having to stock up on cases of cans. 

Locust Meyer Lemon Hard Tea

Locust Hard Tea Meyer Lemon is not for those with an insatiable sweet tooth. The hard tea, which is created by Locust Cider in Washington, is one of the more savory options on the list, which could be a draw to some tea drinkers. This RTD can features cold-pressed Meyer lemons and South African Rooibos Tea, resulting in an acidic and dry drink that isn't too overpowering. It's still shockingly light on the palate, and contains 100 calories and 5% ABV. "Super refreshing and pretty tart," one Untappd user, Twenty, wrote in a review. "Really balanced nicely against the spicy chicken tacos I just ate."

Locust Cider also donates a portion of their proceeds to the Hydrocephalus Association, which helps raise funds for research for incurable brain conditions. It's a cause that's personal to this business, as the owner's daughter lives with hydrocephalus, so purchasing a six-pack of hard tea from Locust can actually do a lot of good. 

MASQ Dragonfruit Acai

MASQ Fusions was founded in 2021, and the company has released a handful of flavors of its boozy Yerba Mate tea that stand up well against the competition. The brand prides itself on using "less bad" ingredients in its blends — featuring organic tea, blue agave syrup, as well as natural herbs and flowers — to appeal to the health-conscious drinker. MASQ makes a few flavors including lemon ginger and blueberry lavender, but its dragonfruit açai can is one you will only find from this brand. 

MASQ Dragonfruit Acai Hard Tea depicts the explosion of flavors that will happen in your mouth right on the face of the can. It's a sweet and tropical blend of Yerba Mate tea and a little booze that is sparkling and crisp. It's lighter, containing 90 calories and 4% ABV per can. "Delicious," one Untappd user wrote in a review.