Duff Goldman Is Out To Inspire With His New Nutrition Journey

Duff Goldman has had a lot on his plate as of late (pun intended). Not only does he run his famous cake studio, but he also judged on the most recent season of "Spring Baking Championship" and is a dad to his adorable "Ace of Cupcakes" daughter. Still, he recently made room for another passion project: a health and fitness Instagram account. Under the handle @beefcakecookie, Goldman has been documenting his weight loss journey, which was inspired by his daughter, Josephine.

In an introductory Instagram post, Goldman shared that getting down on the floor to play with Josephine hasn't been as easy as he would like. "Being an older dad has its pluses and minuses, and I want to mitigate those minuses as much as possible. I can't be coaching lacrosse practice if I'm 60 pounds overweight," he explained the practical side of his weight loss journey. For a heartwarming touch, he added, "I wanna meet my grandkids. I want her boyfriends to be terrified of me. I want her to learn to take care of her health." 

So far, the baker has received lots of encouragement from fans, with his supporters writing comments like, "I'm proud of you," and "Keep up the amazing work!" That first post was made in March of 2022. Here's what Goldman has been up to since then.

Goldman's page is a hub for workouts and healthy meals

Goldman recently took to his main Instagram account to share his fitness accountability page. In a picture of his plate of chicken breast and veggies, he wrote, "I'm on a serious fitness journey. Go over to @beefcakecookie if you wanna see meals, training tips, motivational stuff." As advertised, Goldman shared the ingredients in his cumin-spiced chicken and Israeli salad on his health account, along with the workout he had done that day. "Nutrition is on point so far. ... T shirts already fit different," he said.

Since last spring, the "Ace of Cakes" star has been posting lots of weightlifting content and photos of his high-protein and veggie-packed meals. As of this week, he's lost 11 pounds so far and has been using his old "power chicken" T-shirt as motivation to keep going. 

Goldman isn't the only Food Network star who has changed his lifestyle to focus on health and fitness. Guy Fieri recently told People that he has incorporated 6 a.m. workouts and whole foods in his day-to-day. Like Goldman, Fieri was motivated to prioritize his health due to his kids and wanting to see them grow up. 

And like Fieri, Goldman's new health journey doesn't mean he's hanging up his baking career; he just announced his new pumpkin spice cake he's selling through Goldbelly. The Ace of Cakes is simply out to share his new endeavor with fans and inspire them along the way.