Duff Goldman's Daughter Is An Adorable Ace Of Cupcakes

Though she's not even two years old, Duff Goldman's daughter is no stranger to the spotlight. The culinary media mogul is best known for crafting unique cakes on the show "Ace of Cakes," but has recently shifted gears to allow for some other content on his social media channels, namely his little girl Josephine. From messy eating habits she may or may not have inherited from dear old dad to adorable birthday posts, it is clear Josephine's doting father is her biggest fan.

It looks like Josephine is following in her father's food-loving footsteps too. Goldman recently posted a photo of his daughter caught in the act of stealing some bites of his Big Mac. And the two of them even posed the same way when Josephine caught her father trying to steal a banana from her plate. And as it turns out, the daughter of a baker has also developed a bit of a sweet tooth. Daddy Duff recently shared an adorable shot of Josephine in full-on baker's gear surrounded by what he would likely call some of his favorite treats.

Baby baker

Duff Goldman's latest Instagram post shows that his daughter Josephine is making dad proud, posing in an adorable baker's outfit surrounded by her own array of cupcakes, both of which Goldman credits to former "Kid's Baking Championship" winner @paigeybakes. The photo features the toddler in an adorable chef's hat that nearly covers her whole face and an apron that falls to her ankles, but she seems all smiles, with Goldman saying "She ❤️'s 'em."

Followers of the baker (and the baker's daughter) went gaga for the post, with many using variations of the words "sweet," "cute," and "adorable" to describe her. Former football player and current host of the "Bachelor" series, Jesse Palmer, even jumped in with a puppy dog eyes emoji agreeing this is a classic "Like father like daughter" moment. One follower went so far as to call this "the most adorable picture you have ever posted of her." Looks like we may be able to expect to see more of Josie in the kitchen over the next few years, honing her skills to create colorful baked creations just like dear old dad.