You May Be Able To Taste The Rainbow With Little Caesars' New Dessert

In a world where supply chain issues run rampant and delays are common, it seems harder to find things that are ready when you need them to be. Perhaps that's how Little Caesars has stood out from other big-name pizza restaurants. Ever since rolling out the Hot-N-Ready promotion in 1997 (via Little Caesars), the promise of a hot, fresh pizza waiting as soon as you walked in the door was more than enough to bring folks to Little Caesars, making the company synonymous with both cheap pizza and convenience. While the chain's offerings of affordable pizza may come off as pedestrian and lacking quality to some, there's no denying that the chain has found a popular niche to profit from.

Of course, people can not live on Hot-N-Ready pizzas alone, so Little Caesars offers its consumers an impressive selection of menu items to accompany its flagship $5 deal. If you want to enjoy both a pepperoni pizza and a calzone all in one extra-cheesy dish, then Little Caesars has its cheesy new Crazy Calzony, that might just scratch that particular itch. If you're feeling "fancy" and want to show off with a fancy pizza of your own, you can grab the "Old World Fanceroni" pizza topped with "fancy pepperoni" (via Thrillist).

It seems that Little Caesars' newest menu item isn't about being cheesy or savory or fancy but instead focuses on taming the customer's sweet tooth. But before you run to go get it, there is something you should know.

You can only get this Skittles treat in select stores

According to ChewBoom, Little Caesars is introducing a new dessert item known as the "Rainbow Blondie Bar." The description of the baked confection consists of a "vanilla blondie bar" (or a vanilla brownie, more or less) topped with a layer of icing and crushed or chopped pieces of Skittles. While a brownie covered with icing and Skittles is enough to get anyone's sweet tooth excited, there's a chance you may not be able to find it at your local Little Caesars — at least not yet. The dessert has only been spotted in select locations in Memphis, Tennessee, and Oxford, Mississippi. 

Little Caesars actually released a similar product back in 2021. Brand Eating reports that in August 2021, the pizza chain released "M&M's Minis Cookie Dough Brownies," which were chocolate fudge brownies topped with cookie dough-flavored frosting and miniature M&Ms. Another brownie dessert was released in February 2022, although this dessert replaced the M&Ms with chopped pieces of Twix bars (via Fast Food Post). All three desserts, despite their differences, cost the same amount of $3.89, making them relatively cheap snacks.

Whether or not the Skittles blondies will be making their way to all Little Caesars locations across the nation is unknown as of yet. Should the treat be released nationwide, we'll have to see whether it joins some of the most popular items on the Little Caesars menu. But whether it's good or not, at least it's relatively affordable.