Coffee Mate Is Teaming Up With A Familiar Liqueur Brand For Its Upcoming Flavor

As we know from the perma-craze surrounding the proverbial pumpkin spice latte that emerges from its leaf-strewn cave this time of year, fall is nothing less than a holy season for warm beverage lovers. If you're able to drop $7 on the barista-crafted seasonal coffee drink at your local cafe, then by all means, pony up. But if you prefer to spend a little less while still leveling up your morning cup of joe beyond a simple splash of milk, you might turn to your rich and creamy friend Coffee Mate

In addition to the original, hazelnut, and French vanilla flavors that hold down the fort of its classic lineup, the Nestlé-owned brand has taken to collaborating with other brands on flavors that master in the art of coziness. This summer saw the release of a Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie creamer inspired by the classic Toll House dough. A few months prior, Coffee Mate teamed up with another popular Nestlé brand for a Drumstick-inspired flavor. For its latest addition, the company is rolling out a non-alcoholic take on a classic boozy drink combo.

Zero-proof Kahlúa & Crème is coming for your morning cup

Whoever first thought to spike their coffee with Kahlúa (a brand of coffee liquor produced in Veracruz, Mexico) is owed a toast of gratitude, which may be coming in the form of Coffee Mate's upcoming zero-proof Kahlúa & Crème flavor. The brand announced the collaboration with Kahlúa Coffee Liquor on Facebook this week.

Based on the post's comment section, the new Coffee Mate flavor may have been the brainchild of a humble fan. When a person commented suggesting that the brand make a sugar-free version of the new flavor, Coffee Mate responded that they had already "cast [her] vote." Likewise, when another person dropped an idea for a "rum chatta" flavor (which we can only assume is rum-spiked horchata), the brand responded that they would "drop a note in the suggestion box." As for the Kahlúa & Crème flavor, shoppers can look out for it in January 2023 (per Facebook).