Coffee Mate's Newest Creamer Flavor Is Straight From The Oven

For those who drink coffee on the regular, it's hard to miss the glow up it's had over the years. What started as black coffee and maybe some milk and sugar has turned into an industry built to caffeinate everyone from the most exhausted morning commuters to those who need a midday pick-me-up. Coffee-focused companies have become known for their innovative flavors, emanating from a mix of new milks, fun-flavored syrups, and new bean blends. Starbucks' new arrivals include a Chocolate Cream Cold Brew, for example, and even a non-dairy almond milk latte for the holidays. Dunkin' has followed in the innovation department, releasing drinks such as coffee with butter pecan flavoring and a Brown Sugar Cream Cold Brew.

And while many of these drinks are flavored by syrups, there has been plenty of development when it comes to flavored creamers, too. For those looking for something that might be a bit less sugary but still offers a bit of flavor enhancement, these are clutch. 

In the past few years, Coffee Mate has come out with a ton of options to help mask coffee's bitter flavors, such as the Drumstick Vanilla Sundae Cone creamer and its fall-inspired flavored creamers. And the company's latest flavor creation is just as wow-worthy.

Get it while it's hot

Coffee Mate's latest collaboration effort comes from a partnership that's several years deep: Toll House. Per a July 7 Instagram post from CandyHunting, Coffee Mate's newest flavor is the Toll House Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie creamer. The limited-time release is said to have flavor "notes of semi-sweet chocolate and buttery, caramelized brown sugar," per a press release.

Coffee Mate's collab with Toll House is exciting, but it's not necessarily new to fans of the company's creamer flavors. The Cookies n' Cocoa Coffee Mate flavor was also released in collaboration with Toll House, per Bustle. But fans don't seem to mind; in fact, they're pretty excited.

Many who keep tabs on the CandyHunting Instagram account tagged friends who they felt needed to know about the news, while others expressed excitement and a general feeling that they already know this will be delicious. One follower was so excited, they noted they "feel like I could just drink this straight out of the container," while another expressed sorrow only because "I'm gonna fall in love with it only for it to disappear."