Chobani Is Already Rolling Out New Winter Flavors For Its Coffee Line

Ahead of the winter holidays, seasonal food items have gradually started popping up on the shelves in stores nationwide. This year, Costco started rolling out Christmas items as early as July.

According to AdAge, Target and Walmart have turned on the deluge of holiday advertising, and major retailers have begun slashing prices for shoppers looking to get ahead on their gift purchases. This phenomenon has also panned out in grocery stores, which are stocking up for all the celebrations with festive foods and pre-prepared goodies (per Storebrands).

Popular yogurt company Chobani already sells an array of classic seasonal creamer options, including Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha, according to its website. Some of those existing creamers even come in a plant-based variety.

Just in time for the holiday season, Chobani has further embraced the power of going plant-based. The company's new line-up features vegan options, as well as a chilled classic to keep you going during your early holiday shopping excursions.

Chobani's creamer gets a plant-based spin for the Holidays

A popular yogurt company has grocery shoppers set for the cold winter days of cozying up with a book and seasonal coffee sipping. Per a statement received by Mashed, Chobani has released a holiday-inspired, plant-based coffee creamer just in time for the plummeting temperatures and potential snow days.

Chobani got its foray into creamers in 2019 by first putting out dairy-based options, according to its website. Before the latest release, the company offered some creamers that hearken to chilly mornings and winter holidays. Chobani has now added an oat milk Gingerbread Creamer to that repertoire, although it's a limited edition flavor. 

Those who adhere to a plant-based diet might get excited over the Oat-Nog release. This plant-based eggnog alternative can be enjoyed alone, as a classic cocktail, or even as an eggnog martini

The popular yogurt brand also released a limited edition Peppermint Mocha-flavored Cold Brew to keep you fueled while you participate in festive activities. Moreover, it seems shoppers can't wait to get their hands on the existing Chobani Peppermint Mocha creamer. These new options are now available at retailers nationwide.