Gordon Ramsay Approves Of This TikToker's Shepherd's Pie

Celebrity chefs have found a new way to stay relevant with today's youth. Recently, TikTok has seen a trend where celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, and The Pasta Queen critique home cooks while they prepare a recipe split-screen (referred to as a duet). These chefs primarily make fun of the (often intentionally bad) prepared dish, but they also occasionally praise the aspiring cook's talents as well. Known for his temper and piercing tongue, Ramsay from "Hell's Kitchen" and "MasterChef" is rarely seen smiling on screen, so people notice when he does.

Throughout his career, Ramsay has earned 17 Michelin stars while currently holding onto seven throughout his restaurant group, according to his website. His namesake restaurant has held three Michelin stars since 2001, making Ramsay part of an elite group of chefs in the UK to hold such a distinction, according to Escoffier. Ramsay's impressive resume is perhaps why the chef is excused and still adored despite the four-letter expletives he hurls at aspiring chefs on his cooking shows.

As temperatures begin to dip in parts of the world, home cooks are enthusiastically transitioning from grilling hot dogs and hamburgers to comfort food like soup and Shepherd's pie. Born in the U.K., Ramsay is familiar with English dishes like Shepherd's pie which is often prepared in homes and featured on pub menus. Sharing the screen with @notorious_foodie, Ramsay gives his rare approval as the cook whips up "the poshest Shepherd's pie anywhere."

Gordon Ramsay is a fan of this Shepherd's pie

Originating in the British Isles, Shepherd's pie is a casserole of chopped meat and vegetables in gravy, topped with mashed potatoes. According to Britannica, shepherd's pie is traditionally served with mutton or lamb as the name suggests (a Shepherd herds sheep), but over time lamb was replaced with the more popular beef, making it technically cottage pie for culinary sticklers.

In Ramsay's #duet on TikTok, Gordon Ramsay is all smiles as he reacts to @notorious_foodie preparing shepherd's pie using Ramsay's recipe. Impressed by his knife skills, the only critique Ramsay utters during the video is the use of expensive wine to deglaze the pan, noting his mother would've killed him for the offense. As @notorious_foodie cuts into the pie, Ramsay proclaims, "That's forking gorgeous," repeating himself in case some viewers mistook the compliment for the four-letter F-word he is most associated with.

For a solid minute, Ramsay continuously approved of the chef's cooking technique hollering "good" as the chef made fluffy mashed potatoes and garnished the finished dish with chive. Along with more than 20,000 additional comments, rapper and flutist Lizzo and fellow celebrity chef from "MasterChef," Nick DiGiovanni, both remark on Ramsay's rare smile during the cooking video. 

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