Gordon Ramsay Is Horrified By TikTok's Extremely Meaty PB&J

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known to push the culinary envelope from time to time, but even he has his limits. The latest TikTok to draw his ire was posted by @meatermade, and he filmed a side-by-side reaction video so that fans could experience his incredulous response firsthand. Because, no one in the world is better at saying what we're all thinking in a funny manner than the "Hell's Kitchen" host himself.

Even though he captioned it, "Sometimes there are just no words for a #burger like this...." Ramsay nonetheless had plenty of words, as usual. Many different aspects of the video were abhorrent to Ramsay, starting off with the first visual of the finished product, "What the Hell is that?" he exclaims, noting, "The size of that thing!" Then, when multiple strips of bacon were wrapped around a large hamburger patty, he said it looked like a "chess board." The obscene amount of butter slathered on the inside of the buns inspired him to shout, "What are you trying to do, kill me?" But then, perhaps the death knell was caused by the generous swirls of peanut butter and jelly on the insides of both buns: The chef exclaimed in horror before the video ends. Apparently, peanut butter, jelly, and meat sandwiches are just too much for him to bear.

PB&J is making culinary headway

Despite Gordon Ramsay's horror at the meaty peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the TikTok video, the beloved concoction is starting to show up more often in restaurant menus, particularly paired with beef. One barbeque restaurant is known for its "Smoked PB+J" chicken wings, which incorporate a sauce that tastes like the classic condiment combo as well as some chopped peanuts (via San Antonio Express-News). Or, whip up Beefy PB&J Wraps at home to see if the combo works for you. In fact, now that you're on the lookout it's likely that you'll start to see PB&J featured in even the most bougie of menus out there. What's old is new again, and all that.

Ramsay's strong feelings aside, many people are down with trying out a combo like this. Of the TikTok, one commenter says, "Smokey and savory notes, and just a hint of sweetness. I'm curious, and would try it." Another one says, "Gordon, mate, that looks amazing." However, plenty of hamburger purists agree with Ramsay's horrified declaration. "Minus the peanut butter and jelly it looks pretty good," says one, and another person notes, "That would have been better with mayo and ketchup than the PB and J."