The TikTok Recipe Gordon Ramsay Is Calling '50 Shades Of Hotdog'

Although the simplest types of hot dogs usually have a topping or two like ketchup and mustard, there's a lot you can do to jazz up a hot dog. We've rounded up 13 things you should be putting on your hot dog, like crushed up potato chips for extra crunch. But getting creative about hot dogs isn't only about the toppings.

TikTok creator @bayashi.tiktok posted a video showing off a deep-fried hot dog recipe. @bayashi.tiktok takes a piece of bread and rolls it out, adds cheese, kimchi, and a hot dog, covers all of this with bread crumbs made from the bread cheese, then fries it all up.

If you think this sounds delicious, you're not alone, but Gordon Ramsay had mincing words for this dish. In a TikTok duet, Ramsay said that this dish looked like "50 shades of hot dog," but commenters came to defend the original content creator. The top comment on Ramsay's duet says, "i actually think it might be good" and another person wrote, "Bro the kimchi looks good." Multiple people also defended Bayashi, like this person who said, "It's a nice combo and looks pretty good too. We all love Bayashi because he works very hard every single day to produce great content for us all."

Bayashi posted a reaction video to Ramsay's thoughts, taking it all in stride. Loved the video from @bayashi.tiktok? You'll probably love Korean corn dogs, which are the street food that you've probably been missing out on.

How does Gordon Ramsay prepare hot dogs?

So if Gordon Ramsay loathes the idea of deep-fried hot dogs, how does he prepare his hot dog? On his website, Ramsay posted a chili dog recipe, and we have to say that this looks pretty decadent. The chili con carne includes plenty of seasonings like paprika, cayenne, and cumin, and it's also prepared with wine and chocolate. Ramsay's hot dog is topped with this chili — along with sour cream, sliced chili pepper, chives, and shredded cheese. But whether this is definitely better than Bayashi's deep-fried hot dog? We think that all comes down to your hot dog preferences.

Ramsay does actually have hot dogs on the menu at his restaurant in Chicago, Gordon Ramsay Burger. On the restaurant's website, the menu lists both hot dogs as having ketchup, which is surprising because the Chicago-style hot dog famously omits this ingredient. Here's what Ramsay said to Time Out when asked about his decision to add ketchup: "If I put it on, I'd be criticized. If I left it off, I'll still be criticized. So either way, I'm f*cked. I decided to put mustard and ketchup on — that way you get the best of both worlds and that's your choice."

Craving a hot dog now? If you're planning to make hot dogs, learning this quick technique will make your hot dogs more delicious. We've also rounded up the best hot dog in each state, so pin these down for your next road trip.