36% Of People Think This Is The Best Fast Food Dessert - Mashed Survey

Sometimes you just need a dessert and you need a dessert fast. There's no time to hunt down the perfect brownie or to test out that 3-ingredient Crème Brûlée recipe that caught your eye. You just need a dessert now, and there's no faster option than fast food. But which ones are worth buying?

Or maybe you're a drive-thru regular and you want to know if it's worth the extra coin and calories to top off your meal with one of those desserts that look so tantalizing in their glossy promotional photos. But you've been burned by fast food desserts before. Sometimes they're just simultaneously flavorless and too sweet, sticky little messes that feel like an afterthought in an otherwise tightly branded menu.

But just because you've had some bad fast food dessert experiences doesn't mean you need to swear off the genre forever. We asked nearly 600 fast food fans what the best fast food dessert was, so no more guess work. Here's what our french fry fans had to say.

The best fast food dessert

It should surprise no one that Taco Bell comes in last, with less than 10% of votes. The chain has only two dessert options, and while the Cinnabon Delights are pretty tasty and capture the flavors of a real Cinnabon, you have to choose between getting virtually none and getting enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool. The second dessert option, the cinnamon twists, capture the flavor of dried pasta covered with cinnamon sugar. They're... food.

Frosty fans unite! While Burger King (13.75%) and Arby's (16.67%) filled in the rear, Wendy's came in second (23.54%). You may be surprised to learn that the famous Frosty isn't Wendy's only dessert. They also serve an array of cookies, including oatmeal bars, chocolate chunk cookies, and classic sugar cookies.

Now for the moment of truth. 212 of the 582 people we asked (36.43%) said McDonald's had the best desserts. After all, people count down to the annual return of McDonald's pumpkin and creme pie. But even among its year-round treats, McDonald's offers the widest array which includes their classic blended McFlurrys, ice cream sundaes, shakes, baked apple pie, and a chocolate chip cookie.

If you count the baked goods in the McCafé Bakery, you can include several more sweet options, including a luscious cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting and a crispy-fried apple fritter. If you're looking for dessert on the go, you'll be spoiled for options at McDonald's.